Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learning Experience

I've been somewhat absent for about a month from blogging.  Times are hard and school is tough.  Life is just busy there's no other way to describe it.  But I do want to blog about a learning experience KK had yesterday.

KK was having a VERY difficult time yesterday.  I picked him up from JM's after my test in peds and he was just really in an off mood.  I figured he was hungry, but before I could feed him I needed to get a perscription filled (that's another story), but once at home I made him some speghetti.  He was acting so helpless that I had to sit him on my lap and fed him the food.  He ate it all up and was very cuddly.  Once Mr H. came home we put on 'Despicable Me' and there's a part where it shows a shark in a floor and KK really wanted to have a floor like that and we posed the question, "what would we feed it!?"  I said we can feed it Zero and all of a sudden he got SO mad and upset at me and went to punch me in my face.  Mr H. grabbed his hand and very firmly pulled KK to look at him and equally firm told him that he doesn't do that to mommy.  It scared KK so badly that he started to wet himself and he cried that he was peeing his pants so Mr H. let him leave but said they were going to have a very serious conversation. 

Once KK was finished, he came back into the TV room and told Mr H. he was ready for the conversation [I was so proud of him acting like a big boy and being responsible for his actions].  Mr H. explained to him that he can't threaten or hit people because he doesn't like what they say.  And he has absolutely reason to do that to mommy.  Mr H. also told him that he needed to apologize to mommy and give me a big hug and KK told him, "Yes, sir!"  He came over to me crying and fell into my arms and said he was sorry.  I just held him and tried to calm him down.  He was very wound up.  KK asked me that if we fed Zero to the shark than wouldn't I miss her!?  Then he started crying hard again.  I explained to him that we love Zero and we would never feed her to the shark and that we were joking around...didn't he know we were joking!?  We're always joking around like that, but I think that he was just very overwhelmed.  I also apologized...I did not know he was going to get so upset cause we're always teasing.

Eventually he was able to calm down.  We decided as a family to go to the movies [Journey 2] but when we got to the theater we realized we didn't have the cash, the theater only accepts cash.  So we chose to go to the bowling alley that is right across the street.  We played 2 games and KK made a strike before either one of us did.  It was neat to see him arranging the bowling balls when they would come out of that bowling ball return machine.

Once home, the bedtime routine started.  After the bath I was lotioning him and I was talking to him about his privates and how no one should touch him there.  I explained to him there are some people, such as doctors, myself, Mimi who could touch to put on medicine but only with his permission.  Well, all of a sudden he started yelling at me again and getting really angry.  Mr H. grabbed him again and very sturnly reminded him of their conversation earlier.  KK started crying again.  I just chalked it up to him being tired, but Mr H. told me that it shouldn't matter if he's tired, he should not talk or act like that towards me. 

We headed to KK's room to read scriptures and say family prayers.  Before the prayer was finished KK was already asleep.  He was so tired.  I continued to lay with him for a while in his bed.  I love him so much.  I know that he can be a handful and there are going to be days where he really hurts my feelings.  But I am still going to love him.  I just hope that yesterday was a learning experince for KK...and myself.

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  1. Rough days like that are SO hard! Glad Mr. H is a good help for you. I love hearing the way he sternly but lovely speaks to KK about those things, my brother does that with JJ and it makes my heart sing.

    Hoping for better days. ((HUGS))


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