Friday, April 20, 2012

I was tagged

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11 Random Things About Me!

This is really hard for me. I can’t think of random things that you guys don't already know about.
1. I lose my keys and phone EVERYDAY…ask Mr H. I can never find them. I never leave them in the same place so I look all over the house for them. Should I try and leave them in the same place every time? Sure, but I never will. I walk into the house and set my stuff down where ever and I never remember.
2. I graduate with my BSN (Bachelor Science of Nursing) April 27, 2013. This will be my second bachelor’s. My first is in Biology. I will continue with schooling, but I need to pay back most of my loans…which will take a while cause I have a ton to pay back.
3. As I fall asleep I rub my feet together...or sometimes if Mr H.'s feet are close I will rub his with my feet.
4. I cannot...I repeat CANNOT park in a straight line, I am always crooked. At least I can park within the line and also parallel park.
5. I know all the words to the movie 'The Neverending Story'. I am serious about knowing all the words.
6. I don't deal with whining very well. KK's not much of a whiner because that's my short fuse. The dog on the other hand hasn't learned that yet. I really can't stand whining...even just thinking about it as I type is making me mad!
7. When I was 5 I broke my upper palate (roof of my mouth) by falling out of a window face first into a cement patio. The oral surgeon was concerned about my permenant teeth but there was no harm done.
8. I am addicted to the Mormon Messages. I watch them whenever I have a few mins to spare
9. I have horribly bad dry skin and I have to lotion multiple times a day or else my skin feels very tight.
10. When I was 9 years old I was invited by my mom to see my baby sister be born. I remember everything about it. I am grateful for that opportunity because it gave me the drive to go into the medical field.
11. Prior to marriage I only dated one Mormon boy...Curtis Thomas! And I wish that I stayed in better contact when he came home from his mission.

Questions I was asked:

1. Who is a role model to you? I have many role models. There are many people in my life that I have learned from or who are examples to me. My mom is a big role model in my life. And like moms, she gets on my nerves too. But she is a wonderful person who loves her family. I developed my work habit and determination from my mother. She is the hardest worker I know. She works 2 jobs and sometimes goes to both each day. She hardly ever gets weekends off. She’s a very hard worker but she still seems to make time for her family. She is the best mom and I want to be as supportive to my children as she has been to me. Just like this week...I've been very stressed and upset with Mr H.'s migraines, school, my house being a mess, guilt from thinking I'm a bad mom, etc., my mom made it her mission to come to my home and clean it from top to bottom. I have not seen it this clean in a very long time. I love her for that!
2. What celebrity would you wish to never exist? Hmmm…that’s a good question. Let me think…let's just get rid of all of
3. What is your favorite candy bar? It really depends on my mood. I really don’t eat candy bars but when I do I really like ‘Charleston Chews’ and ‘Snickers’
4. 15 years into your marriage would you rather find out your spouse is cheating on you or is a closeted gay? Why? Neither! The cheating thing…been there done that. I would hope that if my spouse felt that he was homosexual that he would let me know before 15 years. I don’t care what the circumstance is but going through separation/divorce sucks. It’s very frustrating because the person you are separating is NOT the same person you married. It’s like the person you married is dead…their body is still alive but the person inside is no longer there. But that is a whole other discussion.
5. What is the coolest place you've ever been? On my honeymoon cruise. I need a repeat of that!
6. Dog or Cat person? Neither, I’m not really an animal person. I know that Mr H. and I have a dog and I love her, but there are times when she clearly reminds me that I’m not too much of an animal person. Like when she sniffs my butt...I FREAKIN HATE that! She just shoves her nose right between my cheeks when I bend down to grab something. She doesn't do it all of the time but when she does I get to angry.
7. What TV show can you not miss? I miss most of the shows on TV. If I really like watching it than I will pull up hulu. I like watching 20/20, Dateline, NIghtline, etc. I know...I'm very boring
8. Most favorite book? Why? ‘Harry Potter’ series. I will never ever get tired of the books. KK now wants me to start reading them to him. We're on the 1st book so far. I am so excited for that. He’s becoming a huge Potter fan as well.
9. If you had an unlimited amount of money but couldn't use it for anything charitable what would you do? Pay bills…Remember those student loans I was talking about? I would also want to build a house in the middle of no-where. I think Mr H. would want an airplane. KK’s college would be paid for. Paying for family college funds…is that charitable? There are many many many things I would do and not stress over with unlimited funds
10. What did you want to be when you were 5? I have no idea. When I was in 4th grade I wanted to be an OB/GYN
11. Be honest... how often do you check Facebook? More times than I should.


1. If you could have a "do-over" what would that be and why? Don't give me the "I wouldn't want to do anything over because it's gotten me to where I am today" answer...mkay!?
2. What lotion do you use?
3. What's a cause that you are passionate about?
4. What is one goal you are working towards this year?
5. What is something you wish you were better at?
6. What is something you are good at that others aren't?
7. What would your dream home look like inside and out? What do you want in it?
8. Detail your ultimate vacation as if money and time off weren't a factor.
9. Why do you blog?
10. Who was your favorite teacher growing up?
11. Favorite TV show growing up?

I tag anyone who reads this.

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