Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dental Update

Remember this? Well, I wanted to update you all on KK's dental work. The first Monday of the new year I had class so Mr H. had to drive K's to the dentist for his spacer and crown. The spacer is put in place because he is still very young and the risk of his teeth moving or shifting is very high and if they shift around too much than the adult teeth do not have a place to go. So the spacer eliminates the shifting of his teeth. Once his tooth does start growing in that place than the spacer needs to be removed. Mr H. was told from the dentist that KK did a wonderful job when they were working on his teeth. Now KK is a proud new owner of "robot teeth" or at least that is what we call them at home.



We treat them just like his original teeth. He brushes and flosses every day because we want healthy teeth from now on!

1 comment:

  1. Robot Teeth...I like it, as long as the goal is to not have ALL his teeth turn into Robot Teeth :-)


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