Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finding the Good

Like I've said in previous posts, we have had a TON of doctors visits...mostly dentist visits but none-the-less lots of visits. KK went to the dentist and we found out that he needed 3 fillings and 2 crowns, we took care of the fillings and were going to take care of the crowns on Monday. Well, as they were working on his mouth, it was realized that one of the teeth were not salvageable. The tooth was rotting on the inside and it needed to be pulled. I cried, I was upset...I felt like a failure as a mom. I make sure that he brushes and flosses every night, but it wasn't enough to save that tooth.

KK was a trooper, everyone said that he did such a great job. He had a palate shot, which is very painful and that was the only time he yelped. The tooth came out easily, I was told. Because it is a baby tooth and other teeth will shift if there isn't a spacer put in and that could effect the permanent teeth, KK needed to get impressions taken to fit the spacer.

His next visit is the 3rd and they'll put in the spacer and crown his other tooth. I'm glad that we're getting all of this done...but it's still upsetting that as much brushing and flossing, it wasn't enough. And it's been so tough because going to the dentist is NOT cheap and that is why it was put off until now. I just feel like we should have tried to get him in earlier...but we didn't have the money to do it. Urgh! I'm just so torn. But like the title says, I've tried to find the good in this situation.

1) It's BABY teeth! They fall out anyway...
2) when he smiles, you can hardly see that it's missing unless you're REALLY looking for it.

3) Mr H. playing hooky Monday morning and went with me to the visit, I am grateful that he was with me, because I probably would have lost it even more than I did.
4) Sunday, I started following her blog and I realized that one tooth, one tiny baby tooth is so little compared to other things I could be grieving about.
5) Also I have a friend who had a son on a mission in California and he had an accident. He was playing frisbee with some of his companions in a parking lot and he tripped on a cement parking block and fell face/mouth first into the next cement parking block. He broke his lower jaw, knocking out 7 of his bottom teeth and 2 of his top teeth. Those were his permanent teeth.

I've been TRYING to find the good in all things. But it's hard. KK is healthy and beautiful and full of life. I am lucky and my life is good. I just have to remember that I am a good mom, even though I feel like I fail horribly.


  1. Awwww! Health stuff is the worst, huh? I know that I feel like that with Ryan all the time because of his ADHD. Like, what did I do to cause this? I feel horrible that I HAVE to give my kid medicine in order for him to be able to learn. I wish there was an easy answer.

    Just know that you are an awesome mom!

    PS - I see you are reading that blog I read now. It definitely puts this into perspective, huh? :(

  2. I know it's probably all done now, but a crown for baby teeth?!!?!? I had a crown a few months ago (omfgOUCH!!!!!) it just seems like a LOT of money without insurance for a baby tooth. BUT, who knows. LOL! Hope it all went well!


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