Saturday, January 21, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

Isn't my husband cute for posting that!? I've been so busy with school, as I write this, I still have a couple papers, a quiz to study for, 4 online assignments, and general studying to do before my classes this week. But I thought that I would take the time to let you all know that KK is in preschool and he loves it! It costs us money each month but we've been really wanting to do this so we have been more conscious about our spending. For instance, I haven't been to JoAnn Fabrics since before Christmas and THAT's saying something!

KK started his first day on January 11th. I wanted him to ride the bus because I thought he would like, I was wrong. That whole morning he was crying and just so nervous. He was afraid that everyone would be mean and no one would be his friend. He was also worried that someone would bite him...because he remembers when he went to daycare in 2008 and there was a kid who used to bite a lot. The final straw was about the 3rd bite when he came home with this:

This is 4 days after...on Halloween. Looks like someone kissed him!

I told the Daycare that my lawyer was now involved and that they should be contacted soon because they were not providing a safe place for my child. They moved him into another class the next day. So I can see why KK was so nervous. We had about 3 crying fits where he just didn't want to go to school. It broke my heart. I knew that he would love it when he went there, but he was just so nervous.

This is trying to get him to smile

So I made him his favorite breakfast, and we shared french toast and orange juice

Because he was so nervous I decided I should drive him to school and walk him to his class. Once we were at the school, he was much happier. His teacher is very nice and accommodating, she gave me her email and told me to email whenever I needed. KK also has a friend from church in his class. He was so excited that he ran into the classroom with his friend and forgot all about me.

Because of my class schedule last week was his first time riding the school bus. this was him waiting for the school bus

He wanted a picture of him and his Momma

Just goofing off

My BIG boy! He will ALWAYS be my baby though...ALWAYS!

I am so proud of him!

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  1. LOVE LOVE that picture of you and KK before the school bus! Jerimiah was SO upset his first day at his new daycare (which I also call preschool because they do preschool more than his computer time at his last daycare). He was so nervous and scared but after the first day he came home with TWO new friends...I was so sad at the beginning of the day and SO happy by the end!

    KK will learn so much by going to preschool, this will be a great experience for him. GO KK!


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