Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mrs. H's new toy

I'm sure most of you know by now, that I have been working on earning my Private Pilot License. I have wanted to for years, and I was finally blessed with the opportunity to learn to fly. I started taking lessons in August after learning most of my basics through an at-home instructional DVD course. It might surprise many of you to learn that the at-home course to teach yourself (the part we simply call ground school) is very informative and honestly prepared me for almost everything I encountered when I finally took the controls of the airplane. I also decided to take a formal flight ground school through my training airport just to make sure I do well on my FAA written exam. Well after a lot of practice and learning, I'm almost ready to take my tests. I need to log 5 1/2 more hours of flying time to meet the FAA's requirements to test. I'm trying to coordinate the completion of those flying hours with my last class of ground school so I can test on the next flyable day. This should be about 4 weeks away as long as the weather gives me a couple of Saturdays with mild weather. The first big thing I want to do with my ability to carry passengers, is to take Mrs. H. out on a date like she's never been on. I want to fly her to visit different cities and take her out to dinner in a way that she's never experienced. I know that she isn't into airplanes the way I am, but I want her to take part in the flying fun whenever she feels like it and I want to use my skills as a pilot to take her to new places and share new experiences with her.

To do this, she needed some of her own flight gear. So I special ordered her a new headset just for her.

It took a bit longer to get her the pink headset but I think it's perfect for her. Plus I got her the model that has an interface plug on it for her to hook up her Ipod or her audio books to listen to while we fly. I'm excited to take Mrs. H. on her first flying date. And of course I can't wait to take the kids up flying. I already have another headset on order for KK to use while he is riding in the airplane, so he can be a part of the fun too. I can't wait to see his face when he gets to sit in the co-pilot seat up front and help me fly the plane. We'll definitely post pictures of all of the new fun we get to have as a family while we fly.

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  1. Great gift! You can fly my Chole out to see me in Utah ANY TIME! :)


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