Monday, December 19, 2011

A Visit from a Friend

Mr H. has a friend he has known for coming up on 10 years, he has been in Italy for the last 4 or so years. His wife is in the military and they've been stationed there. He came to the US to get established for his wife and son to come out here, he also wanted to travel around and see family and friends. One of the stops he made was with us in Ohio.

The Boys

We went to the Air Force Museum and looked at all the airplanes. KK wanted to get a picture in front of the huge tree in the lobby.

KK was telling me a story about how he crashed the plane and his "manager" got mad at him. It was so funny to hear him tell me this. He has such an imagination.

Sirron trying to get into the astronaut suit

Mr H. kept some of Sirron's guns for safe keeping over here in the states and so naturally once he was here Mr H. wanted to get out ALL of the guns! Boys and their toys...I guess that never changes!

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  1. YEAH for friend visits! Sounds like KK's got quite an imagination!


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