Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Took a Risk

I took a risk yesterday...I've been talking about cutting my hair for a while. I just wasn't quite ready to take the plunge yet...until the woman I work for gave me money and told me to make an appointment for it. So I did! Yesterday I chopped my locks...a whole 10 inches of it. I also got my hair colored a dark auburn to hide all of my 10 strands of grey hair!

Don't mind the mess, that's my side of the naturally it's a huge mess.

I am happy with it...although the woman doing my hair was very quiet and it felt awkward. And the only thing she really seemed to talk about was how flat my hair body. Well, I guess if you wash your hair and let it air-dry each time, using no other products than yes, my hair will be will also look a little more healthy than other people who use those products. But anyway, what do I know!? I know that I really like my new do!


  1. did you donate it to locks of love? super cute!!!

  2. I WISH my hair was "flat." It's so wavy/curly in all the wrong places..*boo*


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