Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tooth Fairy Visit

After KK's tooth was pulled, we got him excited about the Tooth Fairy. He wanted to write her a letter expressing how much he wanted to keep his tooth. I wrote it while he told me what he wanted it it. He also drew a picture and wanted me to draw one of Momma and KK kissing. We placed the letter and his tooth under his pillow.

He was so excited he couldn't go to sleep. It was really fun to see him like that...well, not when he wouldn't go to bed, but just seeing how excited he was made me feel like a kid again.

When he FINALLY went to sleep, the tooth fairy gave him $5. I know this sounds a bit much, but I think the tooth fairy knew that the trauma of having a tooth pulled was worth the $5.

This is KK sleeping on mom and dad's bed because he likes to fall asleep in here first

KK sleeping in his own bed after the transfer. Do you like that jean quilt? I made that a little while ago out of my old jeans that didn't fit anymore. I sewed fleece on the other side of it so it's nice and soft.

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