Monday, December 26, 2011

Fire Starters

So when I was younger my mom saved most of the lint from the dryer. She would have us save it to make fire starters. It's really easy to make and very useful when you go camping. I am bound and determined to go camping in the coming year. The last time we went camping was in 2009...way too long! So making these is giving me the initiative to take the plunge and go camping this next year.

The supplies you'll need are:
Egg cartons
2 pots
Wax paper



egg cartons

Lay wax paper down on counter for easy clean up

Stuff the lint in the crevices of the egg cartons

Heat the wax

Pour over the lint, let it soak up

It doesn't look pretty, but they are THE GREATEST fire starters

They'll still be warm and squishy so just let them sit until they harden. Pack them away with your camping gear or use them right away.

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