Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some Recent Projects

In November when I started my winter break, I thought I would get so much done around the house and make a lot of crafts. Well, my expectations were wrong. Although, I did get some things done in the house there's still a ton to do. And after joining pinterest I will NEVER be fully done with crafts and projects. But there were a couple projects that I have tackled. One of which, KK thoroughly enjoyed helping with. This was an idea I had seen here. I had to add my own spin to it. But here was the finished product:

The poem reads:
Santa's beard is very bare.
On his chin, there is no hair.
So each day,
Add one puff so white.
And when they're all on,
He'll come that night!

Here is KK working on his project. Actually, I think this is a picture of him peeling off the glue I had painted on his hands. He was so fascinated with kept him occupied for at least 45 mins:

And here's the project all filled with his beard:

KK put a cotton ball on his beard each night. It was one of his favorite things to do, he always kept me on my toes and remembered that he needed to put it on. Mr H. thought that maybe next year I should make beard pieces out of felt and have velcro attached so that I can reuse the pieces. I think it's a good idea, I just didn't have any time to do it this time around.

Also that same day, I made cards for the grandparents and great-grandparents that had KK's 5th birthday interview on it. I wanted to interview him with the same questions to see how his answers would change over the years. These were his answers:

Favorite Color? Pink & Purple
Favorite Toy? Cars
Favorite Fruit? Apples
Favorite TV Show? Adventure Time
Favorite Outfit? Sweat pants & shirt
Favorite Game? Jungle Speed
Favorite Animal? Lizards
Favorite Song? Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Book? The Cat in the Hat
Favorite Cereal? Lucky Charms
Favorite thing to do Outside? Play with Zero
Favorite Holiday? Christmas
Favorite Breakfast Food? Cheesy Omelet
Favorite Lunch Food? Pizza Rolls
Favorite Snack? Fruit Snacks
Favorite Drink? Sprite with Cotton Candy
What do you want for your Birthday Dinner? Broccoli
What do you take to bed with you at night? Bear
Who is your Best Friend? Shark & Hot Wheel
What do you want to be when you grow up? McDonald’s Passer-outer

His last answer just cracks me up! KK is so much fun. And this is what the finished product looked like:

I also had KK sign his name, his age, and draw a picture of something. I passed them out and hope that they received it. I'm not quite sure if they did because I haven't heard from them. But hopefully they have.

I start school again on Tuesday. I am not looking forward to it but I have very much enjoyed the time that I have been able to spend with my family. This break has really shown me that I have really missed out on a lot of growing time with KK. He has grown up so much and I can only imagine how much more he'll grow during this next quarter of school.

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  1. Adding the felt Velcro pieces is a genius idea! Way to go Mr. H! I LOVE that interview idea too! I'm so gonna do that this year with Jerimiah, but I hadn't thought of doing cards like you did to send to Grandparents...that's a GREAT idea!!!

    You're such a great Mom, I don't know how you handle school and raising KK. I really admire you! Glad you had a good break though and praying for a wonderful semester for you!


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