Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures...I forgot to take any. But I wanted to recap everything that happened and what everyone got.

*Mr H.: He got binoculars, light for night flying, Heroes and Lost DVDs, Miracle on 34th street, tablet case (no tablet though), BBQ sauce rubs, AppleBees gift card, smell goods and shirt and ties.

*Me: Vera Bradley backpack, Kindle Case, Ferrero Rocher, The Help movie, scarf, earrings, watch, and slippers

*G: Rip stick, Camera, couple of movies, shirts and pants, shoes, axe smell good pack (shampoo, body wash, smellies), and gift cards

*KK: Hot wheels (and track), ice hockey table, some movies, clothes, Zhu Zhu pets, Transformers, Leap frog (and books), and some other smaller things.

Family: Sonic Toothbrushes, movies, and Wii games

We first woke up and had a very nice breakfast. We then, started opening gifts. Underneath our tree looked very full at the beginning, but we soon realized that we had bought a lot of gifts for other people and they were all under the tree. But anyway...I was VERY proud of ourselves, we did not go over the budget and relatively had a modest Christmas. After opening the gifts, we got ready for church. We went to church and I cuddled with my little JEM. After a great service, we went to my parents house and started opening up gifts, but there were so many that we had to split it up and do have half, eat dinner, open the other half. As a tradition, we open gifts from youngest to oldest. Every single person takes their turn and the rest of us watch and comment on their gift. I love doing it this way instead of everyone opening at the same time. It just seems so chaotic to me. It's just a preference, but anyway, after my parents house we came home. Zero peed in the house :( The boys played for a while then got ready for bed. Mr H. and I have been watching episodes of Lost season 6. And now it's time for bed. Good night!

*I may have forgotten some things, but that is a quick rundown of the gifts.

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