Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Despicable Time

KK's birthday is on the 15th and he will be 5! I can't believe it! We had his birthday last weekend. It was "Despicable Me" themed and I think all of the kids had a great time.

KK helping to eat the rest of the batter (which is MY favorite, yes I know there are raw eggs, but it's so good!)

These are the finished products. Cupcakes with frosting, a split twinkie, smarties eyes, frosting glasses, and tootsie roll hair. What do you think!?

The kids made "cookie robots" basically just frosted and decorated cookies.

Mr H. cuddled with JEM

Mimi and Papa's gift, He LOVES it, but Zero is TERRIFIED of it!

I LOVE how excited it looks here!

This is pretty much how all the kids were when KK was opening his gifts...crowded around and none of the adults could see what he got

This was the "Candy Dance." While the music played, the kids danced and when the music stopped, they hurried and picked up the candy. This is THE best way to get rid of KK's Halloween candy!

After the party, KK and I wanted to have our cuddle time with Miss JEM!

KK had a great time and wanted to have another party on his birthday! He was happy with all of his gifts and I'm very happy that the kids had a good time too. The only thing I would have changed was the timing. I had the party from 9:30 to 12. 2 hours would have been perfect. I thought the kids would spend more time decorating the cookies or dancing...but the activities took no time at all. Next year, we'll only have the party for 2 hours instead of 2 and a half. Grateful that this party is done and looking forward to the holidays!

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  1. Those cupcakes were ADORABLE! LOVE THEM! Pinterest?!?!? Looks like you all had a fun party! HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY KK! Since you have a few months up on me you'll have to tell me how life with a 5-year old is! :)


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