Saturday, October 8, 2011

Running is a Love/Hate Relationship

Learning to love to run is on my list, #20 to be exact. I am not a runner, it's hard for me. My body and lungs, mostly my lungs, do not like running. Growing up my parents put me in sports to help me combat my exercise induced asthma. Exercise is a trigger, which induces an asthma attack and I can't breathe. I'be been told that asthma is fake, that it's all in my head, but I would like to take the time to explain to you what it feels like to me. When I run or exercise I feel like I am breathing through a small straw, or better yet, a coffee stirrer/straw. If you ever get a chance, take one of those straws and stick it in your mouth and only breathe in and out through that, now try exercising. That is how I feel. So for me to learn to love running is a big deal! I have noticed that I have gained some extra weight in the last couple years. And a girl in my nursing classes just ran a marathon (in a little over 4 hours!) and she's skinny as a rail. So I put the two together and thought, I can do this. I'm not doing this to be super skinny, I don't think I ever could because I'm a curvy girl and always will be. She gave me some pointers and a little motivation to get me started. It's been two weeks since then and I thought, "What better time than now!?" So this morning I ran....for 5 mins (I walked for 20min, that should count for something?)! I was proud of myself...I wanted to run for 10 but my lungs said no. I will get to the 10 min mark soon. I want to document my journey, one hill at a time. I loved the endorphins after the run. I felt good and energized. And what I need from you, my friends and family, is encouragement!

I would love to get down to this size. This was in 2002 when I was in college at Utah State University. I'm the shortest one, if you couldn't tell!

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  1. YOU GO GIRL! I think that's awesome! Try the walk/run approach too. Run 1 minute, walk 2, and increase the time for running. It's about building up the lung capacity. Good luck girl!


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