Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today, as a family, we went out to the pumpkin patch. We've been wanting to go but we've been horribly busy with all sorts of activities. Since I had somewhat of a slow weekend with homework and Mr H. had his birthday yesterday and took this weekend off we thought today was the perfect day.

We went on an awesome hay-ride. I've been going to this pumpkin patch since I've had KK and we've never gone on the hay-ride. It was so much fun!

The hay ride path was longer than I thought it would be, I thought maybe 5 minutes or so, but it was about 20-25 minutes (maybe even longer!) It was very bumpy and very muddy.

On the ride there were 3 parts when something jumped out of the woods and scared the riders. KK just wanted to sit on my lap to protect him but he was still anxious about something scaring him. The last scary thing that jumped out of the woods scared KK so badly that his screamed pierced everyone's ears. But what made it funny was that he was so late in his reaction to the scary thing. It was like he had a 3-4 second delayed reaction. Everyone in the hay-ride laughed. I had to hold him the rest of the time cause he was shaking and afraid of more scary people jumping out.

This pumpkin patch had animals on the grounds too. KK loved running around and checking out all of the animals

KK has gotten so big and tall! I love this boy

KK loved playing with all of the wooden toys. He would play with one for a few seconds than run and jump off that one to move to the next toy. And I was watching him like a hawk. I wanted him to have his freedom, but I was on him like white on rice.

I wanted to have a picture with my baby. I've gotten a picture with him every single year in the exact same spot.

Look at my boys! I enjoy them...they give me so much happiness!

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  1. The insane differences year to year to year is amazing! He was probably...2nd or 3rd size (scrolling UP) when I saw him. He's gotten so big!!


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