Wednesday, November 2, 2011

KK's Friends

KK has an active imagination. He has a lot of friends who are imaginary. KK was really upset and on the verge of tears tonight before bed and I asked what was going on and he told me that:

Shark had a broken arm and the doctors didn't know how to glue it back on. Shark was KK's first imaginary friend . They would have races all over the house

All of Dirt's super heroes disappeared after the car accident in California and Dirt had to stay in California to look for them. I asked if I could help look for them but he told me that we would have to make a trip out to California.

Snake's neck is broken and he is in the hospital. We can't go visit him because the doctor's don't know what to do.

There was one more friend, named Silly Laugher, and KK became very emotional with this friend and started crying because his leg is broken and he can never walk again. He proceeded to tell me that this is his favorite friend and they'll never be able to play now.

It was the saddest/cutest thing in the world to watch KK get so emotional with his friends. I hugged him and told him that everything was alright and we could say a little prayer for his friends. He didn't calm down until I was singing him church songs from primary. Sometimes he get's like this once in a while, where something just hits a nerve with him and sends him over the emotional edge. I think the biggest reason for tonight was because he was overly was 10 and he lays down at 8:15 I also think he's had a hard time while I've been at school and when I'm at home doing homework. He gets a little upset that i am not able to focus my time on him like I used to. I try and make time everyday to do something fun with him. Like today we played chutes and ladders [of course KK won!]. I also made time to read 6 books and cuddle with him in bed as he told me what was going on with his friends.

I really love KK and I am so grateful that he picked me to be his mother. He has an awesome personality and fun spirit. He makes me laugh on a daily basis. He's very smart and eager to learn. I am eager to see the kind of man he grows up to be.

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  1. Small tidbit from ECE (Early Childhood Education) classes - it's a normal, healthy stage in a child's life when they start maiming and killing off their imaginary friends. Grusome, right? LOL!!!!! Prayers for Shark, Dirt (and his heros), Snack and Silly Laughter. :)


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