Monday, August 29, 2011

Reasons I know G is Back

G has been back in Ohio for a week now. This has been bittersweet for me. But one thing I do know is that I can definitely tell G is back here and these are my reasons:

  • Our refrigerator is empty -- I usually need to shop every week when he's here. For the 7 weeks he was gone I went shopping maybe twice.
  • I am doing 3X the laundry -- Now I know what you are saying..."make him do the laundry!" Which would make sense if G were responsible. If he were to do the laundry I would be afraid that he would brake the washer or dryer and use a TON of detergent. So for me, it's not worth the trouble making him do his laundry.
  • This goes with the top one -- Yesterday G made 2 grilled cheese sandwiches and used a half of a stick of butter! HALF A STICK!
  • I can't keep my house clean -- It seems that more places, which are used or not used, are filthy. There's too much to do.
  • Over the weekend EVERY SINGLE dish in our house was used and is dirty in the sink.
  • There is more yelling and arguing and crying from KK. KK does not like being told what to do by G. But sometimes when they are riding their bikes KK NEEDS to listen to him.
  • We are locking our room again. When we leave and know G will be in the house, we lock our bedroom because there are things in there that we do not want him getting in to, such as the guns.

    Now there are some good things about G being there's someone to clean up Zero's poop...Hopefully throughout this year I will find some more redeeming qualities in G because right now all I can focus on are the negatives. But I really have been trying to be better. Mr H. has to continually remind me to let things go, which is very difficult for me to do.

    1. I'm glad you put at least one good thing in there. I cannot imagine being in your shoes: 1) step son 2) quite a bit older than Caleb (learning to parent from the middle, not beginning to end). You're doing amazing Chole!

    2. Are you sure he's not a C? LOL!!!!!!! The bro and I still live together. I buy paper plates and Solo cups....WHY ARE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE DISHES IN THE SKIN? ALL.THE.TIME!??!?! And who washes them? Me...or he will whilst acting like some Martyr...Please......let him and his GF sprout wings and fly off together into the sunset... O_o


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