Monday, August 29, 2011

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Chole

Well now that Chole has done a post with 5 things you probably didn't know about me, I need to reciprocate and tell you all 5 things that you probably didn't know about Chole.

1. Chole is VERY good with a handgun. The first time she ever held and fired a gun was during her visit to Arizona when she and I went shooting with Joe, my brother's former partner (from Phoenix Police Dept.) Joe has been a part of our family for years and was happy to go shooting with us and let Chole try out his Glock 27, which is his back-up weapon. Chole did very well with all of my guns but she loved how compact Joe's Glock was compared to my Glock 21. Joe looked at me with a very surprised look when Chole kept placing round after round through the center of the target that was about 10 yards away. Since then Chole has gotten even better and during the NRA pistol course we took, she earned the nickname Annie Oaks, from the instructor and the police officer teaching the class because of her well-placed shots. Everyone just kept telling me "Don't ever make her mad or you'll be in trouble." This was all with her very own brand new handgun that I got her, which she had only fired once prior to the pistol course.

2. Chole absolutely LOVES riding on my motorcycle (at least before the motor gave up the ghost) She really enjoys when we take nice smooth turns that let us lean the bike over very far and she loves the thrill of it. She is eager to learn to ride a motorcycle and I can't wait to teach her. Unfortunately the motor fried in my motorcycle so we need to part it out to get enough $$$ together to buy a better one. I'm hoping to get one that Chole can handle as well so she can start enjoying the thrill of making the bike do what she tells it to. Our biggest challenge with teaching Chole to ride is her height. Most motorcycles that she can reach the ground on are cruisers (Harley type bikes) which are nowhere near as much fun as sport bikes and don't entice Chole in the least. I may need to modify a sport bike for her and lower it, at least until she is more comfortable with holding it up at stops. Then we can raise it back up to give it the cornering clearance it needs to let her really lean it over.

3. Chole is actually the person who get me to pursue law school. I have always looked at situations from a legal perspective, but I never even noticed it. I guess it's that whole "outside the box" thing. Once she pointed it out, I realised how right she was. She said I just need to go to school to become a lawyer. So I started looking into what is required to become a lawyer and realized that I should definitely go for it like Chole said. I know that Chole sometimes wishes I wasn't going to school because of the time I must invest into it rather than spending that time at home. But I'm thankful that Chole noticed this attribute of mine and encouraged me to go to college.

4. Chole has a strange obsession with change. I'm talking about change, as in coins. Chole would gladly trade anyone a $100 bill for 10,000 pennies.....just so she could count the pennies and fill up a huge jug or bucket with them. I always put my spare change in a little cup on my dresser and even while Chole and I were dating, she would dump it all out just so she could count it. Then sometimes she will just put dollar bills in the cup to trade out for the change so she can play with it. It's funny and I think it's totally cute to watch her get all excited when she gets a handful of change.

5. Chole is OCD (CDO as she says), about eyebrows. She constantly pinches my eyebrows and pulls hard to remove any loose hairs to thin them out. She does this all the time and has confessed to me that when she sees people walking around the store with bushy eyebrows, she has to fight the urge to just walk up to them and start pulling at them to groom their eyebrows. It's definitely an odd thing to be obsessive about but it sure isn't a bad thing. I find it quite funny and entertaining, even though she is always ripping hair out of my face.

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  1. I literally have BAGS of change at my house. Cho, when are you coming to Detroit?!?! Is that incentive enough?!


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