Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Maybe He's a Pedophile!?"

Ok, so about a week and a half ago KK asks, "Mom, what's a Pedophile!?" And not wanting to lie to him I told him that it's someone who likes to hurt little children. They try and steal them and touch their privates and this is why you NEVER talk to strangers. He looked at me and went off to play. And I sat back on the couch and replayed in my head all the conversations that I had had the last 2 days...none of which had ANYTHING to do with pedophiles. Which begs the question..."where in the world did KK hear that word!?" This is NOT a word I or my family say on a continuous basis nor is it a word that he has picked up from the TV because I don't have cable (my parents do). I'm still wracking my brain over it.

Fast forward to today. We are at my parents for dinner. After dinner, we sit down to watch a Criminal Minds show my dad recorded for us about a guy who may have murdered a couple young (10-11 year old) boys. KK was watching it with us he turned to me, and whispered in my ear, "Maybe he's a pedophile!?" I was shocked because 1)I totally forgot I had that conversation with him 2)That he understood the meaning I gave him and 3)That he remembered a big word like that and used it properly. KK was right...he was a pedophile and was sent to jail.

I am just amazed that the things I say really do have meaning to KK and that he is able to understand those meanings. Sometimes I think KK is too smart for his own good!

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  1. Kind've bitter sweet isn't it. Amazing what kids pick up on and scary that they actually listen! Hope it doesn't become something he overuses but good that he's learning.


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