Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Fishy Craft

So I don't know if this was something I saw somewhere or if it was something I thought up. So if you've seen these made somewhere let me know so that I can give them the proper reference.

I've been wanted to do fun activities for FHE. What's hard is that Gabe's and Caleb's age difference is such that what would be fun for Caleb is boring for Gabe and vice versa. But "going fishing" is kinda fun for all ages.

10 Washers
Foam paper
10 Brads
Hot Glue Gun
Small piece of material to back a pouch for the magnet

The BEST part of this craft is that I already had everything and did not spend one penny!

1) cut out the fish however you'd like, but make the nose long so you can fold the washer in it

2)fold the nose around the washer and fasten with a brad

4) Do this 10 times

5) With the extra foam paper cut out fins

6) Hot glue them on the fish

7) Decorate the fish (notice that I glued the fins on backwards [except for one]!? Oh Well!)

8) Make a material pouch (I don't have a picture) to place the magnet in. Tie it to the stick with string and you can go fishing!

I was going to try the fish out for FHE, taping a song, scriptures, and who says the prayers onto the back but before we could have FHE I fell asleep. I was so exhausted yesterday from getting Gabe up to go to seminary and doing household things that I passed out and didn't wake up for 13 hours!

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  1. Could I use this for my class activity long form? I have to actually present one to my class, and that way I'll have them made for student teaching perhaps. THIS is a great idea. If this wasn't someone else's idea, I'll make sure you get credit where credit is due. THIS is so brilliant!


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