Monday, August 15, 2011

My kind of Shopping!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a great deal. I am a couponer and try to get great things as cheaply as possible. It's a constant up and down thing for me. Sometimes I'm really good and at other times I just don't care to look for the deals. It's been hard going to school and finding the time to actually look for the deals in the paper and cut coupons. Plus, not really having the space for my very own "grocery store" But I had the greatest deal tonight over at Kohl's (One of my favorite clothing stores). I had some bras that I needed to take back and got $25.34 back in store credit. I also had $30 in expired Kohl's cash. And I received $10 "Happy Birthday" card in the mail a couple weeks back from Kohl's. So after shopping [KK thought it was torture!] I went to a checkout and used the 25% off coupon I had, $10 card, $30 Kohl's cash, and the $25.34 store credit...but everything combined ended up more than the purchase price by $2.92. So the cashier handed me $2.92. So they paid me to take the items I bought out of their store.

After all that shopping we decided to go to "Maggie Moos" AKA "Moose A Moose" according to KK for some ice cream...and yes, I had a coupon for this trip. Buy one get one free. It was hard for me to lift KK up to see the different flavors because of my ankle and the guy working there asked KK to go around to the back of the counter where there was a stool for him to stand on. KK was elated! The young man let KK have as many "free samples" as he wanted. He even let KK scoop up his own ice cream, add the extras, and mix them in. KK was on top of the world; he was so happy. I was really appreciative of the young man who took the time to do that for KK. We sat and ate our ice cream. KK kept telling me to close my eyes and open my mouth...he would give me a bite of his cotton candy ice cream with M&M's, sprinkles, and gummi bears in it. I let him try my dark chocolate ice cream with pecans and reese's cups. It was a good day!

Oh, and I hurt my ankle again leaving the ice cream shop, their sidewalk is slanted and I didn't realize it and twisted it a bit (not horribly bad) but enough for KK to say, "Momma, don't cry!" I really tried not to. I honestly think it has to have a hairline fracture of some sort. It's not healing well, I'm still swollen [although the bruising is looking better], and I'm still taking the pain meds. It'll be 2 weeks on Wednesday, I'm really not sure what to do...


  1. LOVE deals like that! Awesome Kohl's PAID you to shop there! HEHEHE! Almost makes you think you got away with something, doesn't it?

    Sounds like you and Caleb had a great date night...what a nice young man to make Caleb feel so special!

    Sorry your ankle still doesn't seem to be healing. Hope it heals soon!

  2. Awesome deal!!!

    I have a history of sprained ankles and they are horrible. Supposedly they are worse than broken ankles because they don't ever fully heal. I can definitely tell I have scar tissue over both of my ankles still and they are so easily resprained. Boo. Anyway, hope you figure out soon what's going on and it gets better.


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