Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Know You're Wondering...

So because I know you all have been wondering how I have been, I thought I would give an update. I stopped using the crutches today and started hobbling around VERY VERY slowly. KK is ready to have his healthy momma back. It's been so hard to entertain him. How do you explain why you can't even get up to play hide-n-seek to your 4 year old, when you've been able to play it before the injury!? He keeps telling me that I should have been more careful. He also has been asking me when I will be better. Yesterday we went to the pool and that seemed to help me a bit. I fell asleep at 7:30pm and woke up this morning needing to get to school a little early to look over the labs I was going to be checked off on (which I hadn't looked at since last Wednesday). And because of traffic I arrived at school just in time for class to start, which meant no looking over the material before being tested on it :( I thought I was going to fail because I got the hardest instructor for check offs. But, with the good Lord's help, I passed with flying colors. Also, luckily the extra check offs we had today were knowing how to use walkers, wheelchairs, and crutches and I got to sit out and passed the check off without displaying my knowledge. I am so grateful they didn't require me to show my knowledge (because of my ankle) they just tested me and asked questions.

With injuring my ankle there are two obstacles (well more than two, but...) that have caused me problems. 1) When KK gets hurt I cannot pick him up to cuddle him. Today he put socks on and started "ice-skating" on the kitchen floor and lost his footing smacking his hip onto the floor. I could not pick him up and it broke my heart...A. because I'm injured and B. because he's getting too big for me to pick him up like a baby. 2) I have exhausted my ideas to keep KK entertained until M H. comes home. Today we played the Wii, colored, watched a movie, played 20 games of Old Maid (KK won all), watched the rest of The Bachelorette, watched youtube videos, did laundry, hung it up on the line, watched KK ride his bike then skateboard, baked cookies, frosted and sprinkled them, and read lots of books. About an hour before Mr H. came home KK began to be restless and of course my ankle was screaming in pain. Today I have not taken the pain medication (Vicodin) prescribed to me because they make me sleepy and I want to limit the amount I take.

But I know this is the moment you all have been waiting!

Afternoon after the incident

3 Days after the incident

Can you see the edema (That's medical talk for swelling!)?

5 Days after
You see my cankle!?

And today...a week after


  1. WOW and OUCHY! I was gonna text you today (honestly) and ask how you're doing! I hate being injured. When I had my tonsils out Jerimiah was 2 and just could not understand why I couldn't pick him up but most importantly couldn't understand why I couldn't read to him. He would sit and look at a book on his own, all depressed because I couldn't read to him. After that he would use it for an excuse himself why HE couldn't do things. Silly boy.

    Please keep taking it easy and keep it up as much as possible. Believe me I know it's hard maybe find a stick that can be a "cane" for Caleb to play with and hobble around too?

    Hope it keeps getting better!

  2. Oh YIKES Chole! That looks painful!!!

  3. Oh my goodness that bruising and swelling look horrible! Glad it's starting to slowly get better though.


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