Friday, July 22, 2011

Awe...the Joys of Summer!

"Why," you ask, "are you showing me your messy foot!?" Well, I digress to share another story. When I was in either junior high or high really doesn't matter how old I was, because the effect it caused will last a lifetime...I remember walking upstairs to my room in the pitch dark. My room never had a door, but having traveled to my room so many times it didn't matter if it were dark. I could navigate to it amid the piles of clothes and debris on the floor. I got to my entryway and instead of "flipping" on the light, I grabbed the light switch on either side with my pointer finger and thumb to turn it on. It felt like there was plastic wrapped around the switch...I was confused until I turned on the light and actually saw what was on the light switch....a spider, a light-yellow almost transparent house spider. Yes, I squished it between my fingers...with nothing between my finger and the spider. And because of that I will 1) Never pinch the light switch and 2) I hardly EVER turn on the light unless I can see there is nothing on it. I am like most people who have a phobia with heart starts racing, I am frozen, and I call for help. My heart was thudding so hard and I felt like I had to shower because I touched a spider, even looking for a picture of a spider to post my heart started racing. Mr H. will tell you that we could be looking at the same spider and claim it's two different sizes. "It's huge Mr H, get over here quick" "Baby, it's the size of an ant!"

My messy foot, has the same sort of lesson learned. I usually go outside without shoes, the hot cement doesn't bother me, little pebbles do not bother me, but this...this bothered me:

Slugs...lots of them. I stepped outside barefoot and stepped on one. It was cold, slimy, and gross. Where did they come from!? I have no idea. They just "showed" up crawling all over our back porch and door screen. The only thing I can think of is that I was doing yard work earlier in the day and cut a bunch of low hanging branches but I really don't know where they came from nor have they shown up since.

I was so disgusted that I had to shower to try getting my foot cleaned. Soap and water and vigorously scrubbing didn't clean toes were still slimy! I called for Mr H. and asked him what I should do and he suggested his grease cutter that he uses for work...that didn't work. I was starting to freak out that it would never come off. I finally used nail polish remover...which did the trick. Just like the light switch, I will never forget to 1) wear shoes outside and 2) IF I do go outside LOOK before stepping!

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  1. Girl...those just kind of live here and come out in the worst times. I can't with spiders/bees(wasps/hornets)/centipedes....I go into convulsions. I have a spider guy. For $85 every 2-2.5 months he comes out and sprays my house, garage, and parameter of my house. (Mainly because Alice is deathly allergic to getting stung) I refuse to live in fear... LOL! I have a patio with an awning and I'll be damned if I have to go all rubber neck to make sure it's safe to be out there.... See if you have a guy in Ohio - I'm sure you do. It keeps ALL bugs away. Mothra, on the other hand, might still visit, but just for a fly-by.


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