Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learning a New Thing Can be Difficult

My mother has finally gotten on the bandwagon and started texting. This is a VERY new thing for my mom who hates technology. But her kids have been ever so enthusiastic that she learn how to text and for her to carry a phone to get a hold of her. It's been VERY annoying calling her work, Dad's phone, Home phone, JW's phone, AA's phone, RR's phone, JM's phone, than RP's phone just to get a hold of her! RP bought her a pretty sweet touch phone and has been teaching her how to text and use it. I must add that KK is addicted to "angry birds" game. So, yesterday I texted mom asking her how the Harry Potter movie was, since she saw it at the 3am showing and this is the conversation:

Me: How was the movie!?

Mom: Lots of fun and kinda sad. A tradition is over :'(

Me: I know it's sad. Are you working today?

Mom: So I am trying to convince your dad to go on a date with me

Me: Right now you're trying to convince dad? Or for tonight?

Mom: Is he there at home?

Me: I am confused. I didn't know if you were trying to convince him right now or for later tonight for a date. I wasn't sure if you were working or at home

Mom: I am at work. I would like to put out tonight with dad

Me: You're going to put out for dad tonight. That's great mom haha

Mom: Oops go

Mom: Shit up!!

Me: haha, that's great

Mom: Sorry Shut

Mom: U make me crazy :-)

Me: haha YOU'RE making me crazy

Oh Mom...what are we going to do with you!? At least I can finally get a hold of you without calling 100 people!

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  1. This is HILARIOUS! I read it to my sister I thought it was so funny! There is a website out there that posts stuff that is typed because of auto-correct on phones. You should submit this. It's pretty awesome!


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