Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Weekend

This was a busy weekend so be patient as I ramble on [warning: this is a long post]. Not only is JM still in the hospital (and probably will be until the baby comes) but it's my sister, AA's graduation party.

Friday May 27:

I told KK to get himself dressed in the morning and this is what he picked out

I asked him if he wanted some shorts on because it was hot and he whined and said no, so this is how he looked when we left our house...and no I couldn't touch his socks, that's how he wanted them. When I locked our house up KK told me that "Tweety" was the in water. Remember the bird? Well, Mr H. named him/her Tweety. I looked and looked at the water and did not see the bird anywhere. The bird really camouflaged itself but KK saw it.

And since the bird cannot fly I felt that I should try and help the little guy out of the water hole. I grabbed a Frisbee and a stick and lured him onto the Frisbee and out of the hole he came. KK was so excited that I saved the bird...I was his new hero. It made me feel good. And after rescuing Tweety we drove to meet our family counselor for a session. There are things that she would like me to work on that might help the "G Situation" such as:

  • Timer Attention: Giving him attention even if I have to set a timer. "Hey I only have 10 mins but I would love to hear about your day..."

  • Emphasize positive/Minimize negatives: 5 positives for every 1 negative

  • Earning is much more effective than taking away: Do not focus on taking away, focus on him earning things

  • Shaping: Working this a little over time. One step in the right direction = praise. Just like a baby learning to run, praise for standing, 1 step, walking, running

  • Mental Motivators: "I've got Mr H...this will get easier...the only way out is through...I'm training/reteaching

  • Think about weekly chores instead of daily ones

  • say "yes" unless you absolutely can't

  • These may not seem like hard tasks...but these are painful for me to even think about doing. I know I have not talked a lot about "G's situation" but it's something that is THE BIGGEST and most serious stress for our family.

    Saturday May 28:

    These next pictures are some more of the damage from the storm.

    All of the dots on the fence are hits from the hail. In total damage for our house, 3 screens need to be replaced and the shutters, our kitchen skylight, back patio glass and light, and our air conditioner. I'm just glad everyone was safe and no one was harmed.

    Bath Time = Mohawk for KK

    Sunday May 29:

    AA's graduation party was today. She is the last of my 5 siblings to graduate from high school. She was pretty fired up for her party...lots of food, corn hole, and mud wrestling...yes, mud wrestling. AA shared her open house with her friend, Megan, they've been friends since junior high, I think.

    I just have to laugh at this photo with RR


    KK LOVED the pool

    Now trying to splash mom

    Peeknut, (A's ball python) made an appearance too!

    Too cute not to photo

    Mud Wrestling

    KK was so upset that dirt was put into the pool and it didn't help when Aunt RR threw him into the dirty water, but Mimi helped him get over it when she gave him the hose with the sprayer on it and he got everyone within a 5ft radius wet!

    I even got mud on me from all the splashing and unfortunately I had to toss the shirt because it didn't come out

    Today was a great day, A had fun, there was lots of food and company. The only sucky thing about the day was Mr H. had a severe migraine, which I gave him a muscle relaxer for, and he was dead to the world sleeping it off until about 45 mins before we left the party, he was sleeping for a total of 3.5 hours

    Monday May 30:

    No pictures today. We had a pretty busy day but what made it great was that Mr H. had the day off. G carried the flag at the Memorial Day picnic. We ate great food and played Cornhole, which I beat Mr H. at! KK had a fun time playing and like a mom would, I brought extra drinks for my family, which was a good thing because the water fountain wasn't working and KK was so sweaty. There was also a silent auction for girl's camp. I donated a hand crocheted baby afghan for them to use. I bid on and won 1 night of babysitting, homemade wheat bread, and an FHE treat. Even though we are VERY financially strapped we thought it was a good service project. After the auction, one of our friends from church asked to have G over for the rest of the afternoon, which we gladly accepted. Once we were done baking in the heat we went home and hung out for the rest of the day. Once G came home we spent FHE time swimming in our pool for the first time this year. It was very nice to be a family and have the opportunity to spend the day together. Usually Mr H. leaves for work at 8am and doesn't come home until 9:30pm because of school. So to have the opportunity was such a blessing.

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    1. Whew, sounds busy. Glad you had a good weekend though, that Mr. Caleb, what a cutie pie! BEST OF LUCK on the "Gabe Situation" I continue to pray for you!


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