Friday, April 8, 2011

KK's Tooth

Ok, so last week KK and Zero bonked heads. G, KK, and Zero were playing in the boys room and somehow they bonked heads...I'm not sure how they did it but KK's mouth got the majority of the injury. He was bleeding and crying, "Zero broke my tooth!" I asked what happened and G tried to explain but I was just paying more attention to KK. He was crying so hard that he would kind of spit blood all over my face because he was bleeding pretty bad.

I carried him to the sink and rinsed out his mouth...his left top front tooth was pushed back just a bit. It was very tender and honestly he just wanted me to hold him so I just sat on my bed and held him until he fell asleep. The next morning it was still tender and he wanted only soft foods. I didn't really think anything about it.

Yesterday KK was crying about going to bed (he didn't want to) and when he opened his mouth I thought that the tooth he hit last week looked a slightly different shade than the rest of his teeth. I told him to come to me...but he was mad about going to bed that he didn't move, just kept crying. So I picked him up and carried him to more light and I think his tooth is turning darker. This worried me very much...I feel like a horrible mom for not taking him to the dentisit after the incident. Mr H. didn't really see a difference of color. I called his dental insurance anyway and they said, "We're sorry, the Subscriber information entered does not match our records." I've been trying all morning...they don't have any real people I can talk to. I called X and told him to look into this because KK needs to see a dentist and it's going to cost money that we don't have. It sucks not having insurance (medical or dental). I feel like a lousy mom.

I understand that this is only his baby tooth and it will fall out later, but I don't want KK to have a dark tooth, or a rotten tooth, or whatever is happening. Maybe I'm just going crazy and "think" I see something which might not be anything at all? I don't know. I just want KK's teeth to be ok. I have a really hard time dealing with mouth issues because of my injury I had when I was 5. I fell out of a 1st story window face first into a cement patio and broke my upper palate (roof of my mouth) and pushed my teeth back at a 90 degree angle. Man, I just don't want KK to have a darkened tooth or to have the dentist pull it out.

This Site talks about trauma can lead to discoloration of teeth. And the more I google this the more it puts me into panic mode. Although this site gives me a little more peace about it.

My parents have a dentist and they are going to bring KK Monday or Tuesday and Mr H. and I will pay them back as we can. I really do feel like an aweful mother. I just hope and pray that everything will be fine for KK and that his tooth stops darkening and that they don't have to pull it out. Please keep KK in your prayers...thanks


  1. Yikes! Praying for Caleb that it's nothing serious. Doesn't he qualify for Medicaid?

  2. Yes, Caleb qualifies for Medicaid...but that is only medical and not dental. Unfortunately the rest of us do not qualify for Medicaid (only Caleb). But we're trying to find something affordable. Thanks for your prayers...I really appreciate it!

  3. Carter had two tooth incidents within 6 months. He biffed it into the cement causing a chipped tooth and also into a wall knocking one of his front teeth really loose and bleeding(loose enough that we were worried that he had fractured it above the gum line). I was so worried that he would lose it or we would be in for major dental work. When I took him, they looked at it and said more than likely it might discolor some (which it did get a little yellow, but didn't go super dark which I was also afraid of). They said the major thing to watch for was a little bubble to form above the tooth in the gum where the gum and upper lift meets when you lift the upper lift up. If it really discolors or the bubble forms it is a sign that the nerve is injured. They said baby teeth are pretty pliable so usually a little discoloration happens in the first few weeks after a trauma and that can be "normal". Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks Mitzi...I have been really worried about it. Hopefully all is well. We are taking him to the dentist next week and hopefully it's nothing bad. I hope Carter is feeling's really scary for a mom in these types of situations.

  5. The same thing happened to Jerimiah's tooth. I luckily already had dentist appts set up before it happened. The dentist said the tooth will probably turn black(ish) but then it will re-root itself and be ok in a few weeks. The only thing to watch for is if his gums start turning black, then it means it's infected and he'll need antibiotics. Anyway, I hope it goes ok. Jerimiah's tooth is still a little sore and isn't straight anymore, now I can't wait for his baby teeth to start falling out (mainly because I'm bitter about how it happened, with X). GOOD LUCK!


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