Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a Girl!

Yup that's right! For those of you who do not know a darling girl will be making her presence this summer. Her due date is August 5th (my birthday)! We are so excited and nervous to meet her.

I know what you guys are all thinking and no...that won't happen for a couple of years but my sister, JM, is pregnant with her first child. This child will be born out of wedlock but this blog is not a place to express your negative feelings about it. It is what it is and she will be keeping the baby. Having said that, I had the great opportunity to plan her "Gender Revealing Party". About a month ago I was at her ultrasound where the tech wrote down the gender of the baby and stuffed it in an envelope and JM gave me the envelope. Which I suppose meant that she wanted me to plan the party. I was going to do it last week on April 1st and make all of the guests think it was going to be a boy but then say, "April Fools!" but I just couldn't get everything together in time. Here are some pictures from last night.

Jenae and her boyfriend, Z (not the baby's father)

Some of her friends

The Name Game...friends and family picked names they liked and decorated JM's belly with them

And because I couldn't resist putting a picture of my beautiful boy in here

And the great food. The cupcakes had a pink middle, so once the guests bit in them they would see what the gender was. I made JM's three "cravings" foods: Velveeta shells and cheese, Red Vines, and Candy.

The pretty flowers my Mom bought


The flowers I bought

Other Snack Foods

These are the party favors I made and handed out. Nothing too crazy, they just had some candy in them.


  1. First off, Congratulations to Jenae! You know I'm the last person to judge as I was pregnant with Parker when I married Brian (like you said, it is what it is). She looks very happy and much better pregnant than I ever did, lol!

    I think you did a great job planning the party, and I think Caleb will enjoy having his little cousin around once she's born. Oh, and I can't help but say if Easton was going to be a boy we were going to name him Amaya! ;)

  2. So cute...and to anyone who would even think about making ill comments should be banished. Blogs aren't for that! Congrats to Jenae and hope all goes well! Looks like the party was fun!

  3. You are such a great sister! Looks like you threw an awesome party!!!!! :) Congrats to you all! :)


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