Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our So-Called Valentine's Day

Mr H. and I really do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. I honestly do not see the point…it is just another hallmark holiday for people to spend money on wasteful items. And shouldn’t you ALWAYS be showing your sweetheart that you love them every day and not just once a year!? Anyway, I like the day AFTER holidays because then you can get those same items at 50% less than the day of the holiday. Such as chocolate Hershey kisses (which Zero ate, btw…) or assorted boxed chocolates (which Mr H. loves and I think are really gross). Even though we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, we do, however, celebrate the 21st as something very special for us.

February 2009

In February 2009, one week after Valentine’s Day, Mr H. flew out to Ohio to meet me for the very first time. He had brought me a stuffed bear…which C had deemed his. Since this was the VERY first time we had seen each other I did not want to throw him into the lion’s den at my parent’s house just yet. So we drove to a pizza place called LaRosa'a and sat and talked for a while. I was so shy that I could not even look at him…I just kept smiling like an idiot. Once we were stuffed we drove to my parents and I introduced him to everyone. Everyone liked him…I remember we had the missionaries over that night. Everyone played games, sang songs, and talked. It was totally laid back. Once everyone went to bed and I laid C down Mr H. asked if I would be his girlfriend. Now this scared me, we had been talking on the phone for about a month but I did not know if I wanted to jump into a relationship just yet. I did not say anything, for what seems like an eternity, then finally I shook my head yes and the rest is history.

He had to leave to go back to Arizona 2 days after we met, but it was a lot of fun that weekend. I remember the last dinner we had before he left, we went to Cracker Barrel (that's another story) and I STILL couldn’t look at him; I was still so shy. It took another couple of times of him flying out here before I eased into being able to look at him. And now, there is no shyness about me with him.

So even though we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day we still try and make it a point to get out and do something for our so-called anniversary. Unfortunately, the 21st landed on a Monday, a day Mr H. is at work until 5 and goes to school until 9. So we did not get out and do anything. But it was still nice being with him when he got home.

October 2010

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