Tuesday, March 8, 2011

80's Party

So I have a lot of catch up on. I’m not nearly as good as some people are with posting. Putting two kids in the mix has really eaten a lot of my time. But I want desperately to try and capture what is going on in our hectic life and to document the progress our family makes. So with that said, I want to share what Mr H and I did this weekend.

My friend, turned 30 on Saturday and since this is a big birthday for her she wanted to throw a party…an 80’s party. She wanted everyone to come dressed up and party with her. Even 1 month old H dressed up.
There was 80’s trivia, games, music, candy, and a bunch of other things. She even asked us to gather a photo of ourselves from the 80’s. She included it in the ‘Wall of Shame’. Mr H. didn’t have any photos of him so I had to ask his Mom, I asked her for the most embarrassing photo she could find and she didn’t hold out on me. Of course, Mr H. had no idea I was going behind his back for this. Even when we were at the party he didn’t know his photo was up there…fanny pack and all.

We had a lot of fun. We LOVE her parties, she has a lot of them. She is the best party planner I have ever met. She actually was the one who threw my bachelorette party before I was married. She even does a ‘girl’s night’ once a month when she can and those are awesome.

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