Saturday, February 5, 2011

Isms of KK

KK is a very funny and a very witty little boy. He comes up with the most creative things to say to make anyone laugh. These are some of the recent ones:

Around Christmas we were driving home from my parents house and somehow we got onto the topic of me being pregnant with KK and this is the conversation that followed:

Me: KK, do you remember being in Mom's tummy!?
KK: Yeah
Me: What did you think about it?
KK: Ummm...I was thinking (long pause) I WANNA MOVE OUT! (jerking from side to side and kicking his hands and feet).

This happened Friday morning:

Me: You want some cinnamon toast?
KK: Yeah, with no crust! Do you know why I don't like crust?
Me: Why don't you like the crust?
KK: Because that's the way Jesus made me and you have to love me the way Jesus made me

Friday afternoon:

We were coming out of the post office and KK was following quite a ways behind me

KK: Mom! Where are you? I'm blind...I can't see you. I need my contacts. (moving his hands in front of him like he really was blind)

KK cracks me up...he is such a funny little guy. I love him very much and I cannot imagine my life without him.

1 comment:

  1. I think I'll use the "Because that's the way Jesus made me" one... :)

    I literally laughed out loud at the first one!! You couldn't possibly tell you're his mother from that sense of humor! ;)


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