Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Warning: Grossness!

Why do you say, do I have all of my cleaning supplies in the kitchen sink? Well, that is a good question, but before I go into it...let me give you some background information. I HATE cleaning dishes. Growing up, my family never owned a dishwasher. My mom said she never needed one because she had six...that is six kids to wash the dishes. When the dishes were my chore...I never did them. I would just stand there and stare outside the window. My mom would always ask me what is going to happen when I get older and I need to wash my own dishes...I told her I would buy paper plates or marry someone who loves to wash the dishes. Well folks, I don't have to buy paper plates....I did find a husband who LOVES doing the dishes! No, I am not kidding...he says it helps get his hands feeling softer. So back to the story of why the cleaning supplies are in the sink.

Last night I was going to do a little bit of the dishes because they were piling up but I started moving the dishes around to find the sponge. I caught a wiff of something and gagged, now I havent gagged because of a smell since I was pregnant with KK. I told myself that they could wait until tomorrow and I'll make G do them when he comes home. But morning came and there were NO MORE bowls or spoons or anything to make breakfast. So I started doing some of the dishes (luckily we have a dishwasher) slowly the sink started to clear. I ran the disposal and cleaned the sink then when I grabbed the dish detergent it looked like the sink threw up.
All of the chunks of disposal was everywhere...on the cleaning supplies, on the walls, and on the bottom of the sink. I was so stunk, it was gross, and I was mad. I hate dealing with old, nasty, grossness and this was the mother of all grossness. It made our whole house smell. I couldn't even make lunch...we went to McDonald's. The rancid water was leaking all over the kitchen floor.
Cleaning it made me gag...I can't even think about it.

Before the house was bought there was an inspection of the sink and it did not pass. $900 later the problem was supposed to be fixed and OBVIOUSLY it wasn't. The plumber will be here to check it out in the morning. Until then, we've had to wash the dishes in the bathtub. I can't wait to have my kitchen sink back and you can guarantee I will no longer be doing the dishes


  1. Ewww!!! The stuff that we take for granted, right? I'm going to look at my sink and garbage disposal with more appreciation today. :)

  2. OH MY GOD!!! How disgusting! Just be glad it was food and not sewer. #justsayin


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