Saturday, May 24, 2014


Mr H. -- Finished this semester with a 4.0 (again!).  He accomplished a goal of finishing a class above 100%, his psychology class, which he truly enjoyed learning.  This summer he was going to take the semester off, but decided to take real estate classes.  He's been in the auto industry for about 16 years and his body is tired...back always acting up, legs and hips sore, always tired.  He's hoping that real estate could help him continue making money by making his own schedule while he finishes school.  He's been very busy with odds and ends around the house.  This weekend he bought a riding lawn-mower, which he HAD to use the moment it came off the trailer.

KK -- We signed him up for coach pitch baseball.  He's had some practices, but now he has begun the games.  He's great in the infield, when he is in the outfield he starts playing in the dirt.  He's REALLY great with batting.  He's only struck out once, but he foul tipped that ball about 7 times.  His team is called "Lightening" and every game there is an MVP, who gets to take home (until the next game) the coveted wrestling belt.  KK received  it at a scrimmage because of his batting skills.  He was so happy and excited to take it home.  He slept with it every night.
This weekend, we bought a new bed for KK, Mr H. put it together.  There are drawers on the bottom and there is a pull out shelf in the headboard.  It's really neat, KK LOVES it.  Monday KK pulled out his 7th tooth, his right maxillary lateral incisor.  The tooth fairy almost forgot to give him money.  KK noticed the hiccup...I worry how much longer we can keep this up before he figures it out.  
Look how big he looks!  My baby boy is growing up so fast!  He will be in the 2nd grade in August, he will turn 8, and be baptized in December.  I LOVE the person he is growing into...he has such a great personality and loves his family.  I'm lucky to be his mom

ET -- He just turned 8 months at the end of April.  He is growing up so fast too!  He is a crawling champ, he pulls his self up, and tries to walk the parameter.  He's received a handful of bumps and bruises.  Yesterday he was sitting under the kitchen table and went to start crawling and bumped his nose on part of the chair and he started having a bloody nose.  He CRIED!  I felt so bad!  But all is well now, he has a scab right under his nose, but hasn't been complaining about it today.  
We recently expanded our family.  On the 25th, Amelia Jane "AJ" Maki was born.  We skyped so that the cousins could meet for the first time.  This is a picture I tried taking of all three of them.  I can't wait to squeeze on AJ.  I seriously want to fly out to Utah right now...dumb work!  

 Emron loves going to his big brother's baseball games.  He also loves wearing KK's sweatshirt.  The weather was perfect, but then turned windy and cold...good ole Ohio weather!

Me -- I'm working as a nurse.  Yay!  I honestly thought that I would be happier once I found a job and started working and I know that I said I couldn't wait to work and contribute to the family but to be honest, I HATE working and being away from my kids and being on 2nd shift makes it even worse.  I don't think it would be as bad if I were on 1st shift because then I would be home by 4pm.  But so far that's not an option unless I go to another facility, which I'm just now getting the hang of things here and I would hate to be the last man on the totem pole again, I hate the feeling of being new and not knowing how to do things.  I just need to win the lottery.  I'm just praying that a 1st shift position will open up sooner rather than later because I feel that I'm missing out on way too much and my family needs me.  So we will see how things work out.

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