Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday KK!

First of all, I cannot believe that MY FIRSTBORN is 7 years old!  I remember the day he was born, I remember when he was little and getting into trouble, I remember most everything...time really does fly when you're having fun.  And I digress, KK wanted a Winter Party for his birthday.  Since we were doing it at our home to save money he could invite a limited number of people.  10 boys attended and it was crazy!  I forgot to take pictures of the activities, but when they first got here they decorated cookies to take home.  Next, they played Winter Bingo.  Then they played "Pin the nose on the Snowman".  KK opened gifts and received a bunch of fun boy stuff.  And lastly, I handed out their gift bags but since everyone had something different and I didn't want anyone to be upset I read a story about Frosty the Snowman where they had to move the bags to the left or the right.  The story goes like this:

As I read this story, whenever you hear the word RIGHT, continuously pass the gifts to the RIGHT until you hear the word LEFT, then switch direction and continuously pass the gifts to the LEFT.  Are you ready?  Here we go…

Frosty the LEFT-handed Snowman was a RIGHT jolly happy soul with a corncob pipe and a button to the LEFT of his nose and two eye LEFT and RIGHT, made of coal.

Frosty the LEFT-handed Snowman is a fairytale they say he was made of bRIGHT white snow, but the children know he came RIGHT to life one day.

There must have been some magic LEFT in that old silk hat they found for RIGHT when they placed it RIGHT on his head, he began to dance RIGHT around.

Oh, Frosty the LEFT-handed Snowman was alive and LEFT-handed too and the children say he could laugh, wRITE.  and play just the same as you and me

Thumpety thump, LEFT, thumpety thump, LEFT, look at Frosty go, Thumpety thump Left, thumpety thump LEFT, RIGHT over the hills of bRIGHT white snow

Frosty the LEFT-handed Snowman knew the sun was bRIGHT and hot that day so he said, “Let’s run, we’ve LEFT time for some fun now, before I melt RIGHT away.”

RIGHT down to the village with a broomstick in his LEFT hand running RIGHT here and there all around LEFT square saying, “Tag my RIGHT hand if you can.”

He led them RIGHT down the street of town RIGHT to the traffic cop and only paused a moment when he raised his RIGHT hand and hollered, “Stop!”

For Frosty the LEFT-handed snowman had to hurry RIGHT on his way.  But he waved goodbye and LEFT, saying “Don’t you cry, I’ll be RIGHT back again someday”

Now you know how his story went.  Which way did the gift go?  To the RIGHT and to the LEFT, stop the passing and open your gift!

After the party, I was ready to just pass out!  11 kids in a small house was very tiring, plus the decorating mess...I just wanted to stay home...until our good friends called us and asked if we wanted to go to Clifton Mill for the lights.  We've wanted to go (but I didn't want to THAT night) and I thought, "Might as well go now, cause we may not have the motivation to go another time this year!"  So we accepted their invite.  Once we got there, Mr H. and KK went to meet our friends while I stayed in the car to nurse ET, then I joined them.  It was very cold and I'm glad that I was able to bundle the kids warmly...although KK's boots aren't insulated enough and his toes were so frozen and hurt by the end of our time there...he started crying about it, so that's when we knew it was time to go home.

Once at home, KK wanted to cuddle and I was able to warm up his toes.  I'm glad they we went...I just hope that my kids can look back on their life and think of the happy childhood they had.  I hope they think we, as parents, did enough to create memories and happy times.  I love my family and have so much fun with them!

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  1. FUN! I love that cute Frosty story! Great idea! My feet used to get that cold all the time so I feel KK's pain!

    I too hope that I leave enough great memories for my JJ. You do such a great job.


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