Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Second Baby Tooth

KK lost his 2nd baby tooth today.  He showed me how loose it was and I couldn't resist.  I LOVE pulling teeth (I also LOVE popping zits...Don't judge!)!  It was SUCH a temptation to not pull it right away.  I wanted to be patient, so we put orajel aroundthe tooth and continued to wiggle it.  KK was so nervous that he wanted to wait until tomorrow.  I began begging him for me to pull it right then and there...then the begging turned into bribbing.  So far I owe him 3 new games on the ipad and a haircut.  The bribe that did it, you ask!?  He wanted to go to Mimi and Papa's.  So as soon as I pulled that sucker out we headed to my parents house.  KK did well when I pulled his tooth...he only cried when he saw the blood.  I think the orajel helped a lot, which I will be using from now on.  He made the tooth fairy a picture and asked her to keep his tooth.  My baby is growing up...I can't believe he is losing teeth when it seemed like only a couple of months ago I felt his first tooth come in.  Before I know it he'll be graduating high school!  It's just not fair!

1 comment:

  1. Awe...I'm not ready for JJ to loose any teeth! You'll have to fly out here though and pull them for me, idk if I will be able to handle it. What a sweet boy!


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