Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KK's Check up

Since I have been in school I have had to postpone all of KK's and G's doctors and dentists appointments. Last week G and KK had dentists appointments at 7 in the morning [the day after I saw Breaking Dawn at midnight!]. G, instead of getting ready for the appointment, he left for school so I had to reschedule him. KK, on the other hand, kept his appointment and did very well while they took x-rays and cleaned his teeth. I was upset when the dentist told me that he had cavities on his back molars. We have been so diligent cleaning his teeth every night. But we're not as good with flossing and that is what did it...along with the fact that KK is a candy fend. Since the dentist was not a pediatric one we had to call and make an appointment with one. The pediatric dentist was about 20 mins away and the other dentist forgot to send the films with me, so they needed to take more x-rays just to confirm that yes, he had cavities. THAT'S ALL THEY DID! I was under the impression that they would fill them! I was a little irritated because their next opening was after the 1st of the year! I didn't want to wait that long! I asked if she had any cancellations for an earlier time and she had one about 3 hours later. So KK and I stopped and ate some breakfast and went shopping. 3 hours later we went to the appointment and KK got 3 of the 5 cavities filled. He did wonderful, I was told by the dentist...they wouldn't let any parents go in the back with the kids, which was a little weird! But anyway KK LOVED that dentist and I made another appointment for his next fillings and for his 6 month cleaning. I'm glad that he had a good time at the dentist, I was concerned that if he had a bad experience than he would never want to go back. I'm a little upset about the cavities and how many he had but they are just baby teeth and will fall out eventually. We'll just have to be better with flossing.

Today KK had a doctors appointment, his 5 year check up. He's doing beautifully. He has 20/25 vision and when they tested his hearing he went above and beyond. He would raise whichever hand he heard the noise. So if he heard it in his right ear he would raise his right hand. The Medical Assistant never asked him to distinguish which ear he heard it in...she just told him to raise his hand. It made me proud! On a sour note, KK had 3 shots [Dtap, Polio, MMRV], finger prick, and the flumist. His stats for his 5 year visit were:

Height: 41.5 inches which puts him in the 24%ile
Weight: 40.8 pounds which puts him in the 53%ile
BMI: 84%
BP: 86/48

He was very upset when he got the shots but he didn't flinch or move. He just watched them enter his arm and start to cry. Out of everything that was done, he complained of his finger prick the most. But once I got him a pink milk at Speedway, it made it all feel better! It's funny how little things like that can make it feel so much better!


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  2. I had such a bad experience at a dentist for my first two wisdom teeth a few years back that for the other two they had to put me out. For work, even a cleaning now a days they have to gas me just to get me to cooperate, and I'm still strung out freaking out about it. Lets pray he NEVER has to be like that. :(

    Nice job, KK, on your doctor visit! You cousin Christy doesn't like shots - at all! You were so brave!


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