Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Tradition

When I was at 6th grade camp my parents wrote me a letter each day telling me how much they loved me and how much they were thinking of me. They also wrapped little gifts such as rice krispie treats, a Mariah Carey CD, and a coupon for a date, just me and them (which was a treat, having grown up in a house with six kids). I loved those letters. I still have the "date" one saved because I was never able to go on that date [Side Note - I've been thinking of showing it to my parents and telling them I want to redeem it now! lol]. I had to be picked up early from camp because I had thrown up twice the night before we left. But I LOVED those letter, it made me feel that even though I wasn't at home that my family still missed me and loved me too. Those letters meant so much to me. It's a family tradition to write each other letters when they go on a trip. We leave the letter in their suitcase so when they open their suitcase, there is the letter!

When I went on my honeymoon I wrote KK letters to let him know that I was still thinking of him even though I couldn't call or talk to him. My honeymoon was the longest I had ever gone without talking or being with him. So these letters were for him to know that I still loved him even though I couldn't be with him. As I was cleaning our laundry room I came across the letters I wrote to KK on my honeymoon. I want to always remember them.

I hope you had fun today. Did you play lots? And eat good food? Mom likes it when you eat good foods. Have you been playing with Gabe nicely? You BOTH need to mind your manners and try to be good for Mimi and Papa or there will be punishment. On a happier note, I miss you so much and can't wait to give you a BIG FAT hug and kiss when I see you next. If you feel sad because Mom is gone just read 3 Nephi 12:4. I love you very much. I can't wait to see you again!

Love Mom

P.S. I will be home in 3 days!

[RR and KK woke up early to go to SCC w/ Erin to get RR's transcripts! After that, we went home then RR go a call from her new job saying she had to get her fingerprints! Before we left, she bought me a cheeseburger happy meal w/ an Iron Man II toy! Everybody thought RR was my mommy and RR even played along because she bought McDonald's for G and AA :/ But that's okay. Then we went to WSU to turn in RR's transcripts! I was so tired but I was a very good boy for EVERYBODY :) She got me a Wendy's frosty. Then we went home and RR played songs on the guitar about Dora, and Wow Wow Wubzy, and about me! RR and I are also sleeping on the couches downstairs because I had a little accident in RR's bed :( But it's okay! I got to cuddle w/ RR all night on the couch even though she made me a place to sleep. I just love her so much! I also loved playing with her ipod and laptop. I got lots of compliments on my clothes today by people too! I love you mommy and I can't wait for you to be home!

Love, KK & RR

P.S. Erin took KK to the bathroom @ SCC and when he went out he said he had to go to the bathroom again because there was still a drop that had to come out! It made Erin's day. Now Tyler is over and we are going to go to bed!]

Have you brushed your teeth today? You better not forget to do that, we don't want your teeth to fall off. Have you been able to go to that Activity Park yet? I can't wait to give you lots of kisses when I get back. And guess what? I will bring you back something special but only if you are really good. Have you been good? I really hope so. I miss you so much. I can't wait to see you.

Love, Mom

P.S. I will be home in 2 days

[KK had an awesome day today. We got up early to drive RR to Walker Toyota to see about working after we showed her where it was, KK and Papa went to McDonalds for breakfast. We are in the playground and there was a boy there KK did not like. The boy left with his grandma. We ate and played, then Shack gave KK cookies. KK found a paper on the ground and gave it to Shack. Shack was happy. We played with the remote control car and then with James' bicycle pump. We did not get to the water park, but watched TV off and on. KK watered plants in back. KK and Shel lmade pizza. Yummy. KK had some strawberry milk with his pizza. Tyler came over. Papa told a story of a family with small boys that were preparing for a summer of travel with their race car, KK brushed his teeth and they sparkled. Papa layed down on the couch as KK played with his cars and told Papa short story of kids that wanted to race, but their Mom said, "No" and they said please and so she said, "Yes". They raced and then had chocolate ice cream. A few minutes later KK fell right to sleep next to his Papa. I sure love him - He misses his Mom, but actually he is doing ok. We miss you

Love, KK and Dadums

*Shack is a WWII vet who works at McDonalds for bowling money because his wife wont's give him any! He's the coolest old guy ever!]

What did you do today? Anything fun? I really hope you listen to your grandparents. I miss you tons - I wish that I could call you but I can't. But I will be home soon. I have a special surprise for you. And what if when we come home we'll go out to dinner or something. What do you think? Sound like a good idea? Maybe start thinking of a place we can go to eat, Okay!? I love you

Love, Mom

P.S. I will be home in 1 day

[Since RR is working, AA and G watched me today. I had lots of fun watching TV shows all by myself because I watched MY TV shows. Later in the day I helped Papa make JW a box so we can send him parts or his bike. I was playing with my scooter and G was riding his bike. When RR got home we had spaghetti, it was so yummy, I ate it all up! I had an accident again last night :/ Papa took me to the waterpark and we stayed till they shut the water off. It was nice and warm today. After the water park RR made me a bath. It was nice and warm too! Now we are getting ready for bed. I can't wait to see you and Mr H.! I love you guys!

Love, RR and KK]

guess what? Tomorrow I will be home. So go to sleep then when you wake up I will be home. So go nigh-night. I can't wait to hold and kiss and suddle with you. I have missed you tons. Have you thought about a place to eat? I have missed you tons but it is time for bed. In the morning we can open presents and hang out and I will give you lots of kisses.

Love, Mom

P.S. I'll be home tomorrow

[Hey KK noticed the TV was covered with a blanket for nite-nite. He said who covered the T.V. and I said the T.V. did cause it is tired. He said we have hands then said the T.V. doesn't have arms or hands and so who covered the T.V.?

Love, KK and Dadums]

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