Sunday, August 21, 2011

Questions Answered

Remember this?

I've decided to blog Charity's suggestion about KK and G sharing a bedroom, how they get along, and if I will ever adopt G.

When G first moved here March 2010 Mr H. was living in a 1 bedroom very small apartment. There was no room to squeeze another bed into the bedroom and Mr H. thought, "heck no" on sharing a bed with G so he partitioned off the living room and made a little make-shift bedroom for G. Once G left for Arizona to see his mom that summer, I got got rid of the make-shift room and started adding a little of my junk to the apartment since we were going to be married only 2 weeks later. This tiny 1 bedroom apartment was to be our home for 4 people for the next 2 months. KK slept with us, he had a toddler bed that fit perfectly at the foot of our bed. G slept in the living room but there was no privacy for him. It was cramped and all 4 of us were at each other's throats. It was horrible.

After those exhausting 2 months we moved into a much bigger 2 bedroom 2 bath condo. We got a pretty sweet deal on the place too, which always makes it nicer. With some paint on the walls and our stuff moved in we were able to call it home. It is a lot bigger, but we seemed to have outgrown it at times. We have a living room, TV room, large kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, small backyard, and 2 car garage. When we first moved in...the boys shared a room. This worked out great for a while, except when G had to get ready for school and would wake KK up (sometimes on purpose). Then after a while, KK would wake up in the middle of the night with a nightmare and come sleep with us. KK's the littlest person in the family but the biggest bed-hog (that's another post). Then after a while we just set KK's small bed at the foot of our bed for convenience and KK usually sleeps in our room. While G was in Arizona this summer we occasionally put KK in his room, but it never fails that he ends up back in our room.

TV room

Master bathroom entrance

Master Bedroom


KK and G get along pretty well. It's hard because G is 14 and KK is only 4 so finding something they both can enjoy is a hard task. Also G is way too rough at times. And G is THE BIGGEST tattle-tale and sometimes I really don't care what KK is doing as long as he is not bothering me. But mostly they pretty much get along. But I still do not trust him to watch KK as in babysitting. I wish I could but no, they don't get along that well.

And as for adopting G. I will probably never adopt him. He has a mom in Arizona. She would never give her rights up as a parent and I would never want her to. G will be an adult in less than 4 years and so there's no reason for me to adopt him. He knows that he is a part of this family and no legal adoption papers would make any difference on that matter.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We've been dealing with sleep issues with our boys too, although different from yours. I think as parents we always have to do what is best for our sanity! Also, cute place. That's a nice sized tv room!


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