Thursday, August 25, 2011

A day with JEM

JEM had a doctor's appointment and is 8 pounds now. Since her doctor is on my side of town JM wanted to hang out. She met us at JoAnn Fabrics. We drove to my house and decided to go swimming. JEM has not gone swimming yet...this was her first experience. I let JM borrow a suit and JEM had a onsie on but before we headed to the pool we had to snap some pictures of the cousins together.

KK's attempt at getting her to smile

The pool didn't phase never woke her up! She was just chillin like she did this everyday. While JM and KK played in the pool JEM and I cuddled. But once her chin started to quiver I took her out of the pool and wrapped her in a sun warmed blanket. She was a little uncomfortable until I felt the warm rumble on my palm that was holding her bottom. Yes, she had just pooped in my hand! After that, it was time to go.

Once at home, I made dinner for KK, JM, and myself. KK put in "Little Rascal's" movie and wanted to hold JEM.

After about 5 minutes he told me to take her...he's funny. KK really loves her, he calls her his, "little sister". Anyway, after dinner, JM wanted to take a nap...she's a very tired new mom. So KK, JEM, and I played. This is what we did:
Cuddled with her

Watched her dance. JEM LOVES to Dance

KK was a great helper and wanted to be in the picture too

Watched her ride a horse. She also LOVES to ride horses


  1. Lol, oh my gosh! I've seen people do those with their babies, and I wish I would have done it with my boys. I'm so glad you did it with Jillian, keep those pictures. You are a pretty cool Aunt, I must say! :)

  2. She's so adorable! Glad Caleb loves her so much too!

  3. hahahahaha, love those pics! i saw them after caylee was a newborn or i would have done some of those with her. so awesome! you are a fun aunt! and caleb is a natural! :) and... i love that first pic of him and jillian! :)


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