Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am grateful...

So, remember when I was talking about all of the trials we have been going through? I was hoping that it couldn't get any worse, until I know that it can. Before I explain what's going on let me explain how it began.

About a week ago, I told Mr H. that my car was making a weird noise and at time's it felt like the power steering goes out. He told me not to worry and he would check it out once finals were done. I still felt horrible in the pit of my stomach every time heard the noise.

On Thursday Dad asked if I would be available to help pack up JM's hospital room because more than likely they were sending her home. Since KK was with X and I wasn't doing anything important I went. After parking my car in front of my parent's house we left for the hospital in my dad's truck. At the hospital I packed up everything she had accumulated but before she could leave the physicians wanted her vitals and the vitals of the baby. I needed to head back home because X was dropping KK off soon. Once we pulled up to the house I remembered about the noise my car makes and I asked my dad to look at my car. I started it and turned the wheel until it made the noise and my dad knew what it was. I turned off my car so he could show me what it was. He showed me, I tried to turn my car on, and no go. It would not start! We tried and tried but no luck. But maybe it was luck on my side because if I would have driven it home I would have been stuck on the road and would have had to call a tow truck because my car's steering rack snapped. Bad...right!? Yes, when Mr H. took a look he was surprised that I was able to even drive it for the week. Having my car poop in front of my parents house...I am grateful.

But classes start tomorrow and my car will not be fixed until at least next weekend. This latest trial leaves us with only Mr H's van and his 1972 Triumph, which was in my parents garage. It was very stressful getting it to start. As you can see, it's old and hasn't been started in a while. Mr H. got it to start but it was only running on one cylinder, then it wouldn't start again. Mr H. was getting very upset and I honestly have NEVER seen him as upset as he was that night. And I can understand because we both NEED vehicles but the only running one is the van. After many prayers and pleading, the bike finally started at about 10pm...I am grateful.

Friday, after Mr H. got home from work he fell asleep until the next morning at 10am. About 15 hours of sleeping. He needed it and for that I am grateful.

Since my parents had the boys Mr H. and I decided to go to the Air Force Museum all day. I throughly enjoyed spending time with my husband. And I loved to see the excitement Mr H. had looking at all of the planes. We even saw the Hubble movie, which was very good. We can't wait to see the other movies playing there. I loved holding hands and walking. I loved not worrying about where the kids are. And for that I am grateful.


  1. I've been meaning to post, but you know how that goes! Sheesh, you guys are getting hit pretty bad, but like you said, thank goodness there were still good things about the bad. Oh, and thank goodness it's summer and not winter so Tom could ride his Triumph! I'm hoping things get better soon and that some awesome blessings start flowing your way!

  2. I'm glad you noticed the blessings in all those trials. Sometimes thinking of the blessings (even small ones) are what get us through those trials. Keep going girl! I'm glad you were able to have a good "date day" too, sounds like you both needed it!


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