Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Walk

Our family has been going through a lot of trials recently. Now I know that ALL families go through trials...but these trials seem to be a lot bigger than "normal trials". I'm hoping and praying that we are able to adjust and that these things too shall pass. But for now I want to talk about something happy. Last week when the weather was cooperating KK and I decided to go on a walk behind our house. We had to make it a short walk as we were supposed to pick Mr H. up from work because the van died on us (one of the many trials). These are some pictures along our walk:

Starting our walk...notice his discolored tooth?

Strike a pose...

...and because I'm a boy I'll jump

...and throw!

"Let me go catch that Geegle!" (yes, he calls them geegles! Lol)

On our way back we walked by the van and KK said, "Mom the van needs a blessing...but we don't have that stuff that you put on your head." I told him that we had the water from the water bottle and I think that would work for now. So KK proceeded to give the van a blessing.

Anointing the van with water

Blessing the side of the van

Anointing the van with water

Blessing the back of the van

Precious Boy!

Going through trials that are every shape and size can blind us from noticing the blessings that are put in our life. KK was and still is the BIGGEST blessing that has been placed in my life and for that I am grateful!

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  1. Sorry things are rough right now. If you ever want to talk call me!


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