Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My grandparents passed away when I was fact my sister, AA has never met any of her biological grandmother's. She was less than a year when one grandfather died and the other when she was 9. AA and I are 9 years apart. But for all intents and purposes, my grandparents died very young and I WISH that they were still alive to see my children.

I landed an unbelievable job in October with a family who needs help occasionally watching his mother. The husband and wife are in their 80's and his mother...she's 106 years old! That's right folks 106! In exchange for a decrease in rent I give them 40 hours a month to watch Nannie. Nannie is a little spit-fire. She's 100% with it. She wears thongs because they feel good and is frustrated that she isn't dead yet. She always tells me the same stories about her days as a teacher in West Virginia. She used to ride to school on a horse. She lived on a farm and her dad was the first ones in town to buy a Model T car. When they would drive it and it would start picking up speed her dad would yell, "Whoa Whoa!" before realizing that he needed to put pressure on the brake pad, like he was driving a stage of horses. She asks me everytime I'm there if I've ever met anyone as old as her and she tells me about the guys who call her. I help her organize the letters she recieves. We have a good time.

It's a good job and the whole family is great. They have kind of been like my adoptive grandparents. They really look out for us and I'm glad that they have made such great neighbors.

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