Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Greatest Helper

To say that KK loves his brother would be an understatement.  He just can't get enough of ET and honestly, I think ET can't get enough of KK.  Today, KK was in my room wanting to play video games on my TV while I folded laundry in the other room.  KK asked if ET could stay with him.  ET just laid there looking at his big brother.  When ET would start whimpering KK would put his binky back in his mouth.  I had 20 mins of peace while I folded, it was wonderful.  But today isn't an isolated incident.  As I have looked through the pictures I have, there are many times that KK has wanted to help take care of his little brother.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy!
KK holding ET for the very first time

At the hospital...hanging out with his brother.  KK actually brought his pink blanket and told me that he will share the blanket with his brother.

My camera phone light is too bright for these two but they love each other

KK ALWAYS wants to hold his brother.


This is the first time that ET was given a bottle,  He ate it like a champ.  No nipple confusion on this boy!

They love bath time together!

KK loves walking around the house like this until he remembers that he can't run with the baby like that!
He likes playing with him and doing weird putting ET into a box filled with packing peanuts

ET has no idea what's going on
These next pictures are typical/everyday KK and ET reactions to each other
This picture cracks me up

KK LOVES getting in his face.  Sometimes it scares ET and he starts crying, then KK gets very sad and thinks his brother hates him, when in fact KK just scared him.  I've tried to explain that most people don't like someone putting their face in front of another's so close
I'm so in love with my family and I am grateful for the wonderful love and support both Mr H. and KK gives to me as I try and take care of the baby.  I really can't imagine my life without any one of my boys!


  1. WONDERFUL post and pictures! I'm glad you're looking back (already) and remembering the overwhelming good amount of times you have with those boys, and not just the bad moments, though I'm sure you have a decent number of those too. LOVE those boys, they're just too cute. So glad KK's a great big brother!

  2. You are one lucky mama to now have to worry about sibling jealousy. It's normal - like you said - but it's good not to have to deal with that, I'm sure. LOL at the packing peanuts!!!!!! He's like, "what?" I'm also glad ET doesn't have nipple confusion, because if/when you have to go to work or if he's just with a sitter you know you can pump and he's good to go! Nice! And saving a BUNCH of money, too, huh? He's precious.


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