Saturday, September 14, 2013

What's in a Name!?

My name is very unique, I could never find keychains with my name on it, people always misspelled it and mispronounced it, and I vowed to never do that to my kids.  Well, I broke that vow with baby #2.  But before go into that, let me explain how my name came into existence.

 When my parents became pregnant with me there were no routine ultrasounds.  Ultrasounds were brand new and used only if the doctors felt there was a problem.  So back in the day, couples would only find out the gender of the baby if they needed an amniocentesis.   My mom never needed an amniocentesis when she was pregnant with me, but my dad KNEW that I was a girl...he just knew it.  So the name game began.  They talked about Camilla, Naomi, and Aubrey.  But one night, as my dad slept, he had a dream.  He had a dream and heard my name and saw how to spell it...Chole (Show-lee).  My dad woke my mom up and told her about it and told her that is what they were going to name me.  And that's how my name came into existence.

Growing up, I really disliked my name, it was hard for people to pronounce it and spell it.  Like lots of kids, I was teased about my name "Holy Moly here comes Chole!"  My parents tried to make me feel special, since I was not able to buy anything with my name on it.  I remember once, when we were at 6-Flags there was a booth where a person would engrave names on a silver ring for $100!  I showed my mom what they were doing, knowing all good and well, that my parents couldn't afford having one made for me.  She must have had her motherly heartstrings pulled because without my knowing, she had one of those rings made for me and later gave it to me.  I was SOOO super excited, I wore that ring all of the time...I still had the ring, up until my divorce, when my X kicked KK and I out of our house.  I must had left that behind because I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE!  It makes me a little sad when I think about it, but I can't do much about it...I lost a lot during that time, and I'm not just talking about possessions.  But anyway, while growing up, I told myself that I would never name one of my children a unique name that had to be specially made and I couldn't just buy a placard at the store.

Even though I told myself that I would never do that, I changed my mind with child # 2.  While pregnant, we chose not to find out the gender so we had to think of boys names and girls names.  It took a LONG time to figure out what we liked.  Mr H. would suggest something, I didn't like it...I'd suggest a name and he didn't like it.  At one point, we finally decided on middle names we liked and wanted to use.  If the baby was a girl, we like Evelyn as a middle name and Thomas for a boy.  Well, now we had to decide on first names.  On our trip to Epcot in Disney, while we were in Norway, Mr H suggested a girl's name that I REALLY liked, it is a name that is unique.  If we had a girl she would have been named that name.  I was so certain that I was having a girl during this pregnancy that we hardly talked about boys names.  Going into delivery we still thought that it was a girl, so when the baby was delivered and I saw boy parts I was happily shocked.  No disappointment at all, just purely surprised.  Once his cord was cut and he was placed on the heated table Mr H. looked at me and said, "Should we name him Emron, what do you think?"

Emron is a name that I suggested to Mr H. and he didn't like it.  So I kind of scratched it off my list, even though it was my favorite name suggested.  One day, while pregnant, the name just came to me.  I can't explain just popped in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about the name.  I went through all sorts of ways I could spell it.  I suggested the name to Mr H. and asked how it would be spelled, E-M-R-O-N, I said.  I also told him that he would have Mr H's granddads initials E.T., although he was Ervie Thomas.  But still, Mr H., didn't really like it.  But I guess, from the time I suggested the name until the delivery he had been rolling the name around in his head and once the baby made his appearance, Mr H. thought that that name fit our little boy.  I was excited when he asked me if we should name him Emron because I have liked that name since it popped into my head.

I knew that when we named him people would mispronounce his name...that was a given.  I knew people would think it was pronounced as EM-RON, but it's pronounced as EM-REN.  When we announced his birth and the name we chose, a friend said that she likes the name and it's awesome that it's in the Book of Mormon.  Wait what!?  I had NO idea that the name Emron was in the Book of Mormon until she mentioned it.  So naturally I had to look it up and Moroni said that he is a choice man.  I would have to agree, my Emron is a choice man (although he's not a man now, he will be).

I am so excited that this choice spirit is in our lives.  And now that he's here, I couldn't imagine my life without him.

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