Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Field Day

KK had a Field Day the week before school let out. I was a volunteer parent who help the kids move from station to station. KK was excited that I was there with him. His class was split into two groups and I was with KK's group. There was about 25 different stations and the kids got about 6 mins at each station to do the different activities. The day was cold and cloudy, the sun would shine occasionally and it felt nice and warm, but it was so chilly because of the wind.  I tired to put my jacket on KK but he wanted nothing to do with it because it would impede him doing the activities.

Notice the necklace!?
He quit trying to learn to hoola hoop and just spun it around his arm

Tug of War was not kind to KK.  All of the kids fell on top of him (you can't even see him!) and hurt him real bad, He kept crying, "They almost broke my neck!"  He wanted nothing more to do with Tug of War.  He just sat on my lap and cried while I cuddled him.  All of his friends were so cute and came up to him to see if he was alright and give him hugs.  Even his teacher asked what was wrong, she told me that she has never seen him upset or cry, that he is always in a happy mood.  She was sympathetic to him and asked if he was alright.  He just wanted to cuddle with me for a couple of stations.  He finally let me put my jacket on him.  And once we got to the parachute station he was ALL BETTER!

I'm glad that I volunteered and was there when KK needed me.  I know that the teachers and other parents could have done just fine making sure that he was alright...but there is just something about Mom that makes a person feel better.  I loved hanging out with KK and his friends, he is so happy at school.  I'm grateful for everything he has learned this year.  He's growing up so fast!  

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