Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Night Flight

So, Mr H. finished his PPL...YEAH!  And July 21st, I let Mr H. take us up on a night flight.  He really had to bribe me because the last time I was on a flight with him, I was freaking out.  I hate take offs, descending, and the bumps in the makes knots in my stomach.  So, I told Mr H. that it would take something very special to get me back up in the air and so this is what he bought me:

Oh, Mr H., how can I say no to a Vera Bradley purse!?  He has good taste, doesn't he!?  So, after bribing, he chose a day where the weather would be smooth for me.  He decided that a night flight would be best.  KK wanted to come too, he was so excited.  I was a bit nervous because if something happened, that's my whole family.  Every person in that plane I love dearly and would hate for something to happen.  But I do trust Mr H. with my family's lives and he promised that it would be a smooth flight.  

Pretending to fly
We decided to go to Richmond, IN.  The reason we chose to go to Indiana is because I am still working on these Goals (#40) and I want to visit 10 states.  So far I've visited Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and now Indiana.  4 more to go! 

Goofy Face

Mr H. getting the plane ready for take-off

Goofy face
Once we were up in the air I was still a bit nervous but being able to have my headset to talk and listen to everything really helped calm me down.  KK loved it, he was talking up a storm.  At random times he would just start giggling.  It was the best thing in the world to hear him that excited. 

And just before we got to Richmond, IN he told us that he was going to close his eyes, "for 2 mins". 

He slept the rest of the ride.  We put him to bed and soon followed suit.  It was a beautiful flight with no bumps, it was THE smoothest flight ever.  I enjoyed it a lot.  

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  1. 1) BEAUTIFUL purse! I love it!
    2) Glad you guys had fun, what a wonderful thing! Maybe you can fly to Utah!!! Caleb is SO adorable and you can tell that Mr. H really loves him!


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