Saturday, January 14, 2012

Interesting Date

Lots has been going on. More posts and pictures later. But for now I wanted to post about the interesting date Mr H. and I had last night. Well, the date itself was like any other. We had a nice time eating at Logan's Roadhouse. It was my first time eating there. The bread was delicious. I ordered a steak, salad, and mac n' cheese. It was great, but I wasn't hugely blown away. It was a tad expensive for just the two of us, but we had a very nice time on a date, it had been a while since we had gone out together. After eating, we went home and went to bed...yes, went to bed! It was only 10:30pm and although we could know, enjoyed each other, we didn't because of what happened earlier and this is why I said our date was interesting. Just as an FYI, this may be too much information for some of you so you're more than welcome to just skip over it and just know that we had a great date.

No really, it's kinda personal and lots of information about myself that you may not want to know!

Alright, don't say I didn't warn you!

February of 2008 I had an IUD placed. I spotted and bled for the first 6 or so months but then no periods, no bleeding, no spotting since...until the end of December. I bled pretty heavy and for 10 days. It was weird because I haven't had a period in almost 4 years and even more weird because I have NEVER bled for that long even before the IUD was placed. But I didn't think too much of it, until the beginning of this week when I started bleeding again. In the last 20 days I have been bleeding for 15! Some days are heavier than others. I went to my clinic at the University to talk to them about it because my insurance is through my school. Since I have an IUD, they didn't even check me out [liability reasons, maybe!?]. All the nurse told me is that I should get to a GYN ASAP, I told her that I didn't have one that accepted my insurance and she told me that I needed to get to the hospital. She was worried about a possible puncture in my uterus from the IUD. Driving home I called Mr H. to tell him the news and I started crying because I was scared and I didn't want another hospital bill. I was so confused, I didn't know what to do. Mr H. was very confident and told me that we needed to go to the hospital just to get everything checked out.

Once at the hospital, they took me right back in a room. I felt dumb, and that maybe I shouldn't have come, like I was making something out of nothing. But the bleeding is very unusual and my stomach has been hurting for the last couple of days. So they had me pee in a cup and told me that I wasn't pregnant (duh!) and I also had to have a pelvic exam (ehhh!). The PA-C who did it tried very hard to be gentle [hard and gentle?...sounds conflicting, huh!?]. He moved slowly and talked me through it. It's kinda uncomfortable and awkward having someone else besides my husband down there...but I lived. He also said that I was the best pelvic he's done this week...and I didn't know how to respond to that!

After the pelvic and bimanual exam the doctor came into the room and told me that she does not think the IUD has punctured my uterus, since I have no fever, chills, extreme pain, etc. What the doctor thinks, is that the IDU has lost it's effectiveness and that is why I am menstruating. And if the IUD has lost it's effectiveness than it probably has lost it's ability to prevent pregnancy[and this is why no hanky panky]. So she highly recommended that the IUD be taken out. We were a little surprised because the IUD should be good for another year.

After our wonderful date last night, we were laying in bed, it hit me, I wonder if Heavenly Father has another plan for us. I know that in OUR timeline we can not possibly have a baby...with us both going through school, Mr H. working, no OUR timeline we CANNOT have a baby. But now that the IUD will be taken out what does HEAVENLY FATHER'S timeline look like? I'm really not sure...I guess we will just have to wait and find out.


  1. Well YEAH for the great date night and YEAH for nothing seriously wrong! I always wonder what my "real" timeline is too, meaning what my Heavenly Father wants my timeline to look like. I know you'll find out through prayer and study, it'll be what it is. Love ya girl!


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