Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 Things You Didn't Know About G

I found out on Friday that G has an admirer who has "Googled" him and found out about this blog so I thought this would the best time to list the 5 things you didn't know about G -- I won't be too embarrassing! Haha

  • G takes a longer shower than Mr H., KK, and I put together. He likes taking "hour-showers" as we call it. Who knows what he's doing in there and why, but he once took all of the hot water from our house. I took a shower about 15 minutes after him and there was absolutely NO hot water left, I was a little frustrated and now we time his showers and we'll turn off the water if he goes over.

  • G is so scared of spiders. Occasionally we'll find a spider in the house and he screams like a little girl, more so than me (and I really do not like spiders). He just tenses and freaks out

  • When he would race BMX as a little kid, he would ALWAYS be beat by a little girl named Lexi.

  • G has disgusting fat guy farts. His farts sound like each individual bubble is struggling to exit his butt cheeks. (I know this is gross to read, but it's true)

  • G is very talented when it co,es to playing music. His love is with music and I hope that always continues.

    This was the only recent picture I could find of G. Him and KK were playing around ion the tractor equipment at the pumpkin patch.
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    1. I don't care how big you bada** you are...SPIDERS SUCK!


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