Saturday, July 2, 2011

Honey Wheat Bread

# 47 ✔ June 27, 2011

On Monday afternoon I decided I wanted to make some bread. I've never made bread before. Growing up my parents would make bread occasionally...but mostly in the bread maker. I don't have a bread maker and I have a half way decent mixer [I REALLY want a Kitchen birthday is next month! lol]. I figured this couldn't be too hard to make...time consuming, yes, but not hard. I was surprisingly right. This was an easy task.

KK helping

Pouring the flour, he managed to get more on the floor than in the bowl a couple of times

Whenever my mom baked pie crust, bread, or anything doughy she would make this dough-monster by poking holes for the eyes and gave it a mouth and would chase us kids and tell us the dough-monster would eat us. We all would squeal in delight as we ran around the house and mom trailed after us. This was my attempt at the dough monster, although, I did not expect KK to try and fight back by punching and kicking it

The finished work. The loaves are not pretty, I admit that, but they do taste very good. The bread is great for sandwiches or as toast. This is a recipe that is going to be used a lot in our family

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