Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Sunday

Get ready for lots of pictures with little words! I'm trying to get caught up with blogging. I feel like there isn't very much going on worth blogging about but I also feel like I am behind when it comes to we'll see how it goes.

KK trying to find his Easter basket at our house.

Found it!

Zero's Easter present

KK showing how he will dunk the eggs. See how upset G looks!? Yeah, that's because he didn't get his way

JM's BIG surprise!

Z was so nervous

I KNEW it was coming!

Look how happy the couple looks!?

She said yes!

Congrats to the couple. I am very excited for them...they have a lot to handle right now. But Z is a great guy and JM is very lucky to have him in her life. He is not the father of her baby but he loves the baby and wants to raise JEM as his own child. He loves JM and he is a very warm-hearted and funny guy. I love that he wrestles with KK, which is KK's favorite thing to do, and makes KK warn out and sleep better. The only thing I don't that he taught KK how to make spit balls :( But that's ok, I have some things up my sleeves to teach JEM. All-in-all Easter was good.

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