Friday, February 18, 2011

August 17, 2010

This day was one that was spent on the ship. We did lots of exciting things including rock climbing, hanging out by the pool, reading, and taking pictures.

Rock Climbing: We decided to give it a try. As I was waiting in line I met a woman who was on the cruise with her daughter who was 19. The mother told me that she was breaking out. She just finalized a divorce with her husband, who was a pastor, who had an affair on her with the babysitter. They were married for over 20 years. She told me that after cutting ties with her ex-husband she feels so light and free. She told me that she was going to get to the very top of the wall...and she was not a small woman. I wanted her to succeed. When it was her did as she was hoping. She made it to the top, it was difficult, it was hard, she had to take many breaks, but she made it. Isn't that so much like life...difficult, hard, wanting to take a break, but in the end it will be worth making it to the top. My rock climbing experience wasn't as good as hers. I had fake nails and it made it so difficult, I could not make it to the top. Tom did though! Good job to him!

Hanging out by the pool: We also hung out by the pool...watched a belly flop contest, a sexiest leg contest, and just were able to talk. The pool was so crowded that there was no way to actually play and swim. I was suprised to find out that the pool contained salt makes perfect sense but for some reason I thought it was freshwater. Mr H. and I didn't stay in the pool area very long...we were burnt from the day before. We figured that being in the shade would be the best place for us, so we went to get out books we brought.

Reading: Mr H. and I found a quiet area on the ship to read. We read for a good while. We saw birds flying around and thought it was kind of weird because we were in the middle of the ocean, there was no land in sight. We wondered where the birds came from? It was so quiet and relaxing just sitting there that I fell asleep for a little bit.

Taking pictures: Mr H. and I went on a scavenger hunt trying to find things that could spell our last name. Such as a circlular window could be the letter "O". So anyway, we had, I had a lot of fun. Here are some other pictures we took of the Sunset

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  1. I like the scavenger hunt idea! Oh, and that is one painful looking sunburn!


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